20 Best Things to do in Hamilton

hamilton treetop trekking
hamilton treetop trekking

20 Best Things to do in Hamilton

Hamilton is less than an hour’s drive from Toronto Pearson airport. It lies at the extreme western end of Lake Ontario, on the southern shore of landlocked Hamilton Harbour (Burlington Bay). Hamilton is known best for its natural and eye-catching places. It has many notable attractions that bound tourists to visit. To be honest, if you start exploring Hamilton, it will take you months to mesmerize the beauty of this heaven on earth. Hamilton’s area has a lot of natural waterfalls, which has made this place even more beautiful.

I would prefer Hamilton, the nickname for the city of waterfalls, yet it has a lot more to offer. Also, Hamilton is a place that values art. From popular festivals to world-class attractions, there’s so much to see and do in Hamilton. Other interests in Hamilton include museums that will educate you on Canada’s history, gardens that are the largest globally, and amazing Safari parks. Hers are the 20 best things to do that we would like to suggest to you in Hamilton.

Outdoor Activities

hamilton outdoor activities
hamilton outdoor activities

Outdoor activity is a must thing if you visit Hamilton. Outdoor adventures are a must-have exploration in Hamilton as this city has uncountable spots that will provide you physical and mental benefits. You must be wondering why, that is because there you will get more oxygen, amazing landscapes with natural light that will enhance your eyesight. Without any further ado, let us discuss some of the best outdoor activities you should consider while visiting Hamilton.   

Sassafras Point Trail:

It is a 3.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, that features a lake and is suitable for all skill levels. The track is primarily used for hiking, running, and bird watching and is the best thing to do from March until October. There is a parking slot as well that costs only 1$ for each hour. 

Hamilton Brantford Rail Trail:

The 32-kilometer trail runs from Brantford’s east end across rolling farmland to Hamilton’s west side. The entire route has a stone dust surface. This section follows the scenic Dundas Valley for 18 kilometers. It follows an area of the old Toronto, Hamilton. You can go hiking, biking, and horseback riding there. Wait, wait, not only this but in winter you can go skiing and snowshoeing.  

Sherman Falls:

This romantic waterfall has two other nicknames, fairy or angel falls, for this captivating waterfall happens to lie on private property. Luckily the owners have allowed other people to enjoy the magic of Sherman Falls, located along a popular hike route on the Bruce Trail at the western edge of the city. The waterfall is 17 meter-high that surges from Ancaster Creek. 

African Lion Safari

african lion safari hamilton
African lion safari hamilton

African Lion Safari is a Canadian family-owned safari park in Southern Ontario, Canada, straddling the cities of Hamilton and Cambridge, located 100 kilometers west of Toronto. The park opened its gates to the public on August 22, 1969, with 40 lions in 3 reserves, today the park houses in excess of 1,000 animals comprising over 100 species. The visitor is caged in the car, and the animals roam in 2 to 20-hectare reserves. Guests may tour seven game reserves, with a total area of about 740 acres, on tour buses or in visitors’ own vehicles, where animals roam freely in contained areas. Accompanying the game reserves is a walking section where exotic birds and primates, as well as the park’s herd of Asian elephants, are on display.

This wildlife farm provides a unique viewing opportunity for visitors to see, hear, touch, and learn about different species of animals with which they may otherwise never come in contact. The park has been successful with breeding 30 species that are considered endangered and 20 species that are considered threatened.  African Lion Safari is recognized worldwide for its breeding programs and support of the conservation of wildlife. You can see zebras, lions, eland, rhinos, ostriches, and many more. Their goal is to display animals in a safe manner that gives all visitors a unique viewing opportunity. African Lion Safari has earned an international reputation for their care, management, and breeding of endangered species, and always ensures their animals receive the best treatment possible.

African Lion Safari allows you to drive your own vehicle or you can book your full-day tour with Canada Limo by hiring a professionals chauffeur from Pearson Airport Limousine.

Art Galleries

hamilton art gallery
hamilton art gallery

Checking out contemporary art galleries gets you acquainted with artists and their work before they become famous or even while they’re growing in popularity and price. While visiting Hamilton, you must take out some time to explore these staggering art galleries. 

Carnegie Gallery:

is located within a former library building in scenic Dundas. The gallery’s exhibition showcases arts and crafts created by contemporary Canadian artists. A shop inside this art gallery features a vast array of arts and crafts created by its regional Artist Members. The Carnegie Gallery is an exceptional place to lighten your mood and engage yourself in national and regional talent. 

Josh Tiessen Studio Gallery:

is located between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. It features the studio space and art gallery of Tiessen’s work, occasionally joined by guest artists for special events. It is voted as the #1 best Art Gallery in the region for four consecutive years by Hamilton Community News Reader’s Choice. Tourists from all over the world visit this art gallery. 

Art Gallery of Hamilton:

is the historic and massive art museum in Southern Ontario, with a permanent collection recognized as Canada’s finest. The embracing of Canadian historical, international, and contemporary art has more than 10,000 crafts. You can see superb pieces by Alex Colville, Tom Thomson, the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, James Tissot, or Tyler Tekatch, to name a few. Whether you’re looking for a specific artist or spending time in this art gallery, you’re sure to find works that inspire, intrigue, challenge, and engage you.

Shopping Along with your Tourism


Hamilton shopping malls and shopping centers provide a convenient way to shop. Hamilton shopping malls and shopping centers have a wide variety of shops and outlet stores, all located in one general area. That means you can explore and go shopping simultaneously.  

Hamilton Antique Mall:

The largest Antique Mall in the Hamilton Area, about 35,000 Square feet on four floors and  200+ vendors. It has three floors where you’ll find bunches of shops. You can find all the things under one roof, from fabrics to home decor to food and much more. Not only this, but you will find a variety of old antiques as well, such as mid-century items, vintage clothes, etc. You will enjoy it a lot while shopping. 

Jms Treasure Chest:

This art gallery is located on the main shopping street in Hamilton with parking closed. It is full of antiques and shabby chic items, and much more to discover. It looks like separate areas inside for different sellers, so it is exciting walking around. You will find all the necessary items under a single roof, from sports to clothes to books and much more. So if you’re visiting around Hamilton and want to increase your shopping obsession, visit this place. 

Food and Drink 

hamilton food
hamilton food

Healthy and nutritious food is a must-have step while you’re on a visit. We know it might be challenging to eat delicious food while traveling, so we have put together some best places to eat in Hamilton. They know well how important it is to provide hygiene and delicious food to the people living there and the visitors. So let’s check them out.    

Ridge Road Estate winery:

is situated on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, offering Instagram worthy views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline. The quaint and relaxing winery is celebrated for its small-batch and unique wines, ranging from exciting reds and roses to refreshing whites and bubbles. Visit the bistro-style tasting room for complimentary samples, or relax on the patio as weather permits.

Scotts Epicurean:

This elegant restaurant has received a streak of top awards every year since 2002. It is now one of Hamilton’s most affluent cafe-restaurants. The Scotts team is legendary for its high quality, professional service, an eclectic menu featuring luscious desserts, and quality espresso made by the city’s best baristas. Try the pyttiPanna, Swedish bubble-and-squeak, or the Aglio olio: Scotts’ famous and rather addictive spaghetti with chili, garlic, parsley, olive oil, and Italian parmesan. They serve a breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menu on weekdays and weekends.

Smith and McKenzie SteakHouse:

For a taste of Hamilton cuisine, try the famous, multi-award-winning Smith & Mackenzie Chophouse, a tribute to New York steakhouses with a modern twist. The interior atmosphere is warm, decorated with wood, stainless steel, and a stunning collection of butchers’ blocks and meat hooks. As for the food, they provide quality steaks to ensure a top-class meal. Enjoy the signature dish of tender aged prime rib or grass-fed Hereford, slow-roasted for 18 hours, and served medium rare with a choice of two side dishes and sauce. 

Hamilton Waterfalls 

hamilton waterfalls
hamilton waterfalls

Must visit waterfalls across the Hamilton. There are more than 100 waterfalls that cut through the city. Hamilton waterfalls authority invites holiday and weekend warriors to know some of the most famous waterfalls and their nearby attractions and food experiences. 

Felker’s Falls:

This hidden gem is nestled in the Felker’s Falls Conservation Area in the city’s eastern neighborhood of Stoney Creek. Felker’s Falls flows over the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. The waterfall flows like an impressive tall ribbon with significant geological rock formations in the bedrock gorge. You can also explore many other waterfalls nearby to this one.

Tiffany Falls:

The short walk to this cascade waterfall is a wonderful one through a forested trail that crisscrosses a stream. It’s an easy hike from the parking and making it an excellent spot for kids and families. Also, there’s a hike nearby, the Bruce Trail, if you’re up for a longer walk.

Albion Falls:

Albion Falls is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the region and one of the most popular cities. The Red Hill Creek in the east end’s King’s Forest tumbles over a rock that’s been formed over time into steps and shelves, fanning outwards into a beautiful cascade of rushing water. The fall is about 19 meters in height and 18 meters in width. This fall’s water flows in a way that makes plenty of characters and textures, which has grabbed the tourist’s attention. 

This fall is attractive and peaceful enough that you would love to experience more and more about it. The main trail for it had been closed since August 2013, but you can get there by crossing Mud St then finding ways to go past the barricade. You’ll find many other attractions along your way. 

Living at Hamilton’s Beachfront 

hamilton beachfront
hamilton beachfront

Wait, wait, the fun is not over. We have another great activity for you to do in Hamilton. You can squeeze more fun and sun out of summer. Hamilton’s beachfront activities are known best for exciting waterfront fun such as catching waves, go-karting, hiking, water slides, and much more. Make sure your children take advantage of all the fun during your visit to Hamilton. There are five ways to make fun with the family at Hamilton’s Beachfront.

Wild Waterworks:

Wild Waterworks is the perfect place for wet and wild family fun. Take summer fun to the next level at Wild Waterworks. Splash around the massive wave pool, float down the lazy river or zoom down a selection of tube and body slides. Moreover, a variety of food and beverage options are available to satisfy your cravings.

Lakeland Kartway:

You will have to navigate the twists and turns of these kart tracks. Two seaters are available for adults and children to drive together and make fun at the next level. Your kids will now enjoy all the fun that they have wanted for a long time.

Adventure Village:

Adventure Village is a family-favorite summer destination where you can spend hours enjoying the activities the park offers. It features an elaborate 18-hole miniature golf course, nine batting cages, bumper cars that spin 360 degrees, rock climbing, gemstone mining, an arcade, and a licensed cookhouse. There is a massive playground for kids to introduce your children to the latest playground equipment and new friends.

Baranga’s on the Beach:

Enjoy the taste of Mediterranean food with a gorgeous view of the water, head to  Batangas on the Beach. Spacious outdoor seating, surrounded by volleyball courts, and the Sands Lounge, can be found here.

The Waterfront Trail:

This is the best way to enjoy the coastline of Hamilton Harbour from Princess Point (Cootes Paradise) through Bayfront Park and the West Harbour. The straight asphalt trail connects visitors to a once-industrial waterfront, revitalized with restored natural areas and amenities like outdoor skating.

Treetop Trekking

hamilton treetop trekking
hamilton treetop trekking

Soar above a forest canopy at this thrilling zipline adventure park in Binbrook Conservation Area. Trek from tree to tree suspended bridges, swings, and zip lines. There are also plenty of challenges for mini-adventurers to tackle kid-friendly courses and forest playgrounds closer to the ground.

There are things for each age, size, and skill; tiny ones can love exploring slides, tunnels, and obstacle courses at Treewalk Village. Fun for each youngster and oldsters. 

The five-course, 80-element nothing line and the aerial game park has everything from challenging aerial courses high within the trees too close to the ground challenges for your tiny adventures.

Trek from one tree to another on hanging overpasses, swinging logs, Tarzan swings. Don’t forget to try Zipline and Aerial Game Trek. Escape the city while enjoying the fresh air and wide-open spaces with your family. Do visit these parks, and the kids will have unforgettable adventures.

Visiting Heritage sites 

hamilton heritage sites
hamilton heritage sites

Whitehern Historic Garden:

The elegant walled garden surrounding Whitehern Historic House is surrounded by 150-year-old pear and apricot trees and beautiful perennials. It had been the pride of 3  generations of the McQuesten family. The UN agency lived there and has since become a hidden oasis within the heart of Hamilton. 

Whitehern Historic House:

This elegant repository within the heart of downtown is a broad thought of one of the foremost traditionally intact homes in North American nations. 

Enjoy a target-hunting tour of the house with a clad interpreter to find out regarding many generations of the fascinating McQuesten family. 

Royal Biological Science Gardens 

hamilton Royal Biological Science Gardens 
hamilton Royal Biological Science Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens is headquartered in Burlington and also owns extensive natural areas and garden lands in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is one of Niagara Falls and Toronto’s major tourist attractions and a significant local and regional horticultural, education, conservation, and scientific resource. More than 1,100 species of plants grow within its boundaries, including the Bashful Bulrush found nowhere else in Canada, and the largest remaining population of Canada’s most endangered tree, the Red Mulberry. Endangered in Canada under the Species at Risk Act is listed as these plants.

Hamilton’s West Harbour 

Hamilton’s West Harbour
Hamilton’s West Harbour

Another perfect day trip summer destination for you is Hamilton’s West Harbour. West Harbour is a neighborhood in Hamilton, Ontario. It is located just a few minutes away from the city of Hamilton is easy to reach. You’ll find many great places to enjoy on a bright sunny day. The area of West Harbour is covered with barren railway lands, walking trails, and many other exciting spots to explore. Here are our suggested places of Hamilton’s West Harbour.

Outdoor Skating Rink at pier 8:

Glide your way across a beautifully maintained outdoor ice rink just minutes from Hamilton’s downtown core. Featuring Hamilton Harbour’s beautiful views and offering skate and helmet rentals, it is an excellent way to shake off the winter blues. For those who prefer to stay cozy, Williams Coffee Pub, sit directly behind the rink with hot chocolate always on offer. The rink is open daily as weather permits, from 10:00 am-10:00 pm.

Waterfront Wheels:

with Waterfront Wheels, you can explore the Hamilton Waterfront without ever setting foot on the asphalt! Rent from a range of bicycle options, including two and four-seaters, tandem bikes, and single-seater bikes. Rental rates are hourly; additionally, they provide helmets and baskets for free.

Hamiltonian Sightseeing Tour Boat:

climb aboard this 12-passenger boat for a leisurely 50-minute tour of Hamilton Harbour. The boat tour provides unique views of the natural, recreational, and industrial faces of Hamilton. This fifty-minute tour is narrated by a captain sharing fascinating stories regarding one of every continent’s most important harbors. Catch unparalleled views of  Hamilton’s recreational, natural and industrial landscapes. 

House on Hood

An excellent thanks to understanding a town by exploring its distinct neighborhoods, and Hamilton has some great ones. See the city’s historic cloth district on Ottawa Street North, currently conjointly an indoor style and sensualist destination. James Street extends from the Niagara Escarpment to the West  Harbour and has long been its center. Presently referred to as a hub for culture, retail, and food,  the spirited street still has tiny turn out stores, flower outlets, and much lovely grit. Escape the bustle of city|town} within the quiet historic town of Dundas, packed with freelance outlets and restaurants and minutes from waterfalls and also the trails of Dundas depression. 

I cannot forget to try and do this In Hamilton.

Dundurn Castle

hamilton dundurn castle
hamilton Dundurn castle

One of the best historic sites in Hamilton’s region is Dundurn Castle, the country home of Sir Allan Napier MacNab, one of Canada’s first premiers.

Dundurn Castle is located in Hamilton, Ontario, on a height of land known as Burlington Heights. 

  • It is important to note that this is not a real castle, but rather a villa. It was nicknamed a castle by the residents of Hamilton.
  • There are 40 rooms open to the public and the main floor, upper floor, and the basement.

Famous Food Stalls

hamilton famous food stalls
hamilton famous food stalls

There are tons of food stalls in Hamilton’s streets that have been a destination for food goers and to-go shoppers. Hamilton has become a hub for hungry hordes, with maverick chefs opening trendy new eateries on Locke Street and across the city. There’s no shortage of places to eat, from poke shacks to fine French food to gourmet donuts. There are plenty of options available for you, so save room for later if you want to try each one. Let’s list some of the famous food stalls of Hamilton. 

Flying G’Nosh:

is one of the notable and famous food trucks. Mandeep serves dishes inspired by Indian cuisine and makes all the sauces from scratch. You can still find some of your favorites from his food truck menu at the stall, like his tandoori chicken tacos or paneer tacos. 

Mexican Kitchen by Carlota:

offers North East Mexican style food made from her grandma’s recipe. Everything is made in-house except the tortilla. The menu is gluten-free and has vegan and vegetarian options. Try their Pozole soup made with five different kinds of chili, or you can get it with vegetables or with chicken. It will warm you up.

Mystic Ramen:

Warm yourself with a perfect bowl of ramen from the famous Mystic Ramen. Owners Heather and Noah serve up a selection of perfectly balanced bowls of aromatic broth with noodles, veggies, and protein.

Coffee and Treats

hamilton on Coffee and Treats
hamilton on Coffee and Treats

That’s true. We are all obsessed with coffee and sweets, but there’s something different in Hamilton’s Coffee and treat shops. One sip or bite of a donut is enough to cheer you up and vanish all your tiredness. 

Relay Coffee Roasters:

If you’re visiting Hamilton, you need to take time for Relay low Roasters. Here, you’ll get something from pour-over low to any espresso-based drinks. They conjointly carry doughnuts from doughnut Monster from Thursday to weekday. 

Hottie Biscotti:

Life is good when you get the chance to try Hotti Biscotti desserts and pastries.  Debby Stroud, whose incredible biscotti and other sweet creations have been feeding locals’ sweet tooth for years. 

Spectacular Fall Hikes in Hamilton

Spectacular Fall Hikes in Hamilton
Spectacular Fall Hikes in Hamilton

Hamilton has been blessed with some of the region’s prettiest hikes thanks to the Niagara Escarpment that cuts through the city, giving the tourist endless forested trails, hidden waterfalls, and a special designation as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. And fall is arguably the best time to take it all in.

The Chedoke Radial Trail:

For a scenic, gradual ascent up the Niagara Escarpment, visit this 2.7-kilometer section of the Bruce Trail connecting lower west Hamilton to the top city’s bluff. Through the forest, as you walk, you’ll catch breathtaking views of the city.

Eramosa Karst:

Want the best kind of hiking experience? Eramosa Karst offers genuinely unique features like underground caves and streams, which are fascinating to explore as you follow the seven kilometers of trails surrounding this conservation area.

The Dundas Valley:

This sprawling conservation area in Dundas includes 40 kilometers of breathtaking trails and some of the best fall color views in the region well worth a day trip. There are several days worth of spectacular fall hiking through the area’s three major trails: Main Loop, Bruce Trail, and Brantford Rail Trail.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

With more than 40 planes from the past and present, the sky’s the limit at Canada’s largest flying museum. Take a personalized tour, try a thrilling flight simulator or buy your flight on a vintage aircraft, including the legendary WWII bomber, the Avro Lancaster (the only place in the world you can still fly in one). Given below are a few more museums in Hamilton that you should visit.

The Hamilton Toy Museum:

As the name says it all, this toy museum is the best place to give your children the adventure they were looking for. There are many great things to do, such as the children can learn about toys through history up to modern time. Also, they can complete challenges like building structures that will take their fun to another level.

Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology:

This National Historic Site preserves two 70-ton steam-powered water pumping engines, possibly the oldest surviving Canadian-built engines. The historic Hamilton Waterworks is a Civil and Power Engineering Landmark.

The museum offers guided tours, various permanent and changing exhibits, and special events for the whole family, including live steamer days from May through September.

One of Hamilton’s most popular tourist attractions is home to lions, elephants, and giraffes. Canada’s original safari adventure includes a drive-through of the reserve that lets you get up close to some of the world’s most exotic animals. The kids will love cooling off at the waterpark, the hands-on animal shows, and watching daily elephant swims.


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