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20 Best Things to do in London Ontario

20 Best Things to do in London Ontario


Before starting, let us clear this blog is not about London, England. Instead, in London which we are going to discuss is a substantially smaller city in Southwestern Ontario. Woodlands and farmlands surround this city. It is also known as “The Forest City” because it was located in the middle of a forest before it was formed. 

Today this city is one of the most crowded places in Ontario. The city is made up of commercial and residential areas. Also, it has countless attractions that have bound tourists to explore these places. Not only this, you will find a variety of things to do in London, Ontario. The Canadian version of London is just as exciting as the England version. This city has something that it offers to everyone. It has many places that will blow up your mind, from art exhibitions to ionic attractions. The city has been growing so fast that there are hundreds of things to do or sights to see in London, Ontario. On the bottom line, you can also get London Ontario Limo Service. Canada Limo service is a process of pre-booking the luxury car along with a driver so that you can reach your destination on time. 

Let’s explore the 20 best things to do in London, Ontario. 

1. Explore the Beauty of Nature

Victoria Park:

There are many places in London, Ontario, where people come to have fresh air and for gatherings, Victoria Park is one of them. It is known as London’s major gathering place. There are numerous annual events held in Victoria. Moreover, an exciting activity that can be enjoyed at the park is squirrel fishing, as many Eastern Grey squirrels live in the park. If you have never tried this before, it is a must thing that you should do in London, Ontario.

Location: 580 Clarence St, London, ON N6A 3N1, Canada

Springbank Park:

This park is London, Ontario largest, encompassing a whopping 140 hectares along a Thames River stretch. It boasts 30 kilometers of trails, and its feature attraction is Storybook Gardens, a family park modeled entirely after children’s nursery rhymes and stories.

Location: 1085 Commissioners Rd W, London, ON N6K 4Y6, Canada

Gibbons Park:

Located along the beautiful Thames River, Gibbons Park offers an ideal environment to walk, jog or bike with friends. Looking for a great spot to entertain your dog? The park offers open fields, trails, and brush to explore with man’s best friend. In terms of play, there are three tennis courts and a heated outdoor swimming pool. Your kids can have fun too as there’s a playground area for a guaranteed good time.

Students: ​2A Grosvenor St, London, ON N6A 1Y4, Canada

2. Monuments Adventures 

In London, Ontario, two famous monuments have grabbed tourist attractions, which are St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica and the Banting House. The stunning French Gothic Revival Church built-in 1851, while the latter is a museum dedicated to Dr. Frederick Banting, the inventor of insulin.

Location: ​2A Grosvenor St, London, ON N6A 1Y4, Canada

St. Peter’s Cathedral:

A small church that you have to go to London, Ontario. Although it is not as famous as other churches, it does have some unique attractions. The church is located in a crowded city, but it looks so peaceful as if the noise outside has nothing to do with it when you enter the church. The church’s exterior is a building that has red as the main color with white dots on it. The building’s architecture contains a little gothic style, making this church a bit scary and mysterious.

Location: 196 Dufferin Ave, London, ON N6A 3N1, Canada

Website: http://www.cathedral.dol.ca/

Banting House:

is the former house of Dr. Frederick Banting, the inventor of insulin. But later on, the house is converted into a museum. The museum has a lot of information related to this house and his discovery of insulin.

In 1997, Banting House became a National Historic Site of Canada. As this was a house before turning into a museum, that means you’ll get to see his things like his desk, medicine cabinet, and many other things.

This museum is worth visiting as you’ll learn about insulin’s birth by looking at artifacts and apothecaries that he used to create medicine. It is also worthwhile to wander around the adjacent Banting Square, home to a garden, a life-sized sculpture of the doctor, the Flame of Hope, and a massive globe sculpture.

Location: 442 Adelaide St N, London, ON N6B 3H8, Canada

Website: http://bantinghousenhsc.wordpress.com/

3. Skiing on the Slopes of Boler Mountains

If you’re planning your tour in winters, this place is a must-visiting. Boler Mountain is a beautiful local ski area with a wide range of ski & snowboard lessons and lift pass packages for families. You’ll get a great ski or snowboard experience for everyone, no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro. Not only this, here you’ll get all the amenities of a major resort that will include a brand new chalet opened in 2017. You must be wondering what to do if you’re visiting this place during summers? We have good news for you; this place is also open during the summer with different opportunities. You can have fun in the summer while playing beach volleyball, mountain biking, and a treetop adventure park.

Boler Mountains is designed for adventurers of all ages and skill levels. You’ll be able to access exhilarating zip lines, swinging bridges, Tarzan swings, and more. The adventure park is nestled in a natural Carolinian forest behind the mountain’s ski hill area, providing a picturesque setting. Safety is a top priority at the treetop adventure park, which is why it implemented the Edelrid Smart Belay system, recognized as an industry leader for rider security. Boler Mountain is a popular London attraction that’s perfect for group activities, whether they’re corporate outings or birthday parties. Taking part in outdoor recreation is a great way to be part of nature while enjoying the sprawling facilities that let you challenge yourself.

Location: 689 Griffith St, London, ON N6K 2S5, Canada

Website: http://www.bolermountain.com/

4. Wander Around a Museum

If you love history and art, you should visit the museums of London, Ontario. There are many great options for that purpose, but the most popular one is the London Museum. In the London Museum, you’ll find over 5,000 works of art and 45,000 artifacts. Most of the collection was created by regional artists. You’ll also find some pieces of the famous Group of Seven on display.

Location: 421 Ridout St N, London, ON N6A 5H4, Canada

5. Do Consider a Long Walk

There are many of nature’s hidden gems in the city of London, some of which are designated as Environmentally Significant Areas. Beautiful forests, meadows, parks, and conservation areas draw visitors out to experience nature in the area and what the outdoors has to offer. Let’s discuss some of the best hiking trails in London, Ontario, that will refresh you physically and mentally.

Thames Valley Trail:

This 109 kilometer Thames Valley Trail runs along the Thames and North Thames Rivers. The trail passes through a few of London’s parks, which include Gibbons Park and Springbank Park.

The trail runs from Delaware to St. Mary’s, passing through London along the way. This route has been well marked at regular intervals so that you can easily find your way.

The Thames Valley Trail is a peaceful hike trail and is the best way to spend a beautiful day. It offers spectacular views of the valleys and other elevated areas. Group hikes are offered, or you can enjoy them on your own. 

Location: 1017 Western Rd, London, ON N6G 1G5, Canada

Website: https://www.tvta.ca/

6. Evening at Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market is a London treasure, not unlike the famous market in the UK city of the same name. The market is a landmark and has stalls where you can get fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables. Furthermore, You’ll get to see restaurants, bars, delis, and bakeries in the Covent Garden market. Or you can buy flowers, local handicrafts, and chocolates, ending the day off with a massage.

Location: Covent Garden Market Bldg, 130 King St, London, ON N6A 1C5, Canada

Website: http://www.coventmarket.com/

7. University of Western Ontario

This globally-recognized public research university has a campus that is almost as prestigious as its list of graduates. Its main campus is located on 455 hectares (1,120 acres) of land, surrounded by residential neighborhoods and the Thames River bisecting the campus’s eastern portion. The university operates twelve academic faculties and schools. It is a member of the U15, a group of research-intensive universities in Canada. Your host at Western will likely provide some tours and activities during your visit. Enjoy a casual stroll through it, or enjoy a meal at one of the area’s superb eateries.

Location: 1151 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3K7, Canada

Website: http://www.uwo.ca/

8. Have Fun at Festivals

London is known best for numerous festivals, various from music festivals to food festivals. The people of London, Ontario cherish themselves in such festivals. The seasons of the festivals take place throughout the year so make sure before you visit London you have got your hands on such festivals to enhance the fun of your visit even more. 

The most overwhelming festival in London is Sunfest. It takes place every July. At the Sunfest festival, there’s a variety of celebrations of culture, music, art, food, etc., with live music. The festival held in Victoria Park 

Another largest festival in London, Ontario, is the Fringe Theatre Festival. The festival is for those people who love to perform or see theatres. In this festival, the unknown performers showcase their skills in front of people. It is named one of the best art festivals globally as they have a range of entertainment for every kind of viewer. The festival attracts millions of visitors each year from all across the world.

9. Escape Rooms

You must be aware of escape rooms, they are also called escape games. In these escape rooms, the players play games by discovering clues, solving puzzles, and accomplishing different tasks in one or more rooms in order to win. Luckily, London has a variety of collection of escape rooms where one can spend a whole day without regretting it. Make sure to check out Trapdoor, Mystery, Escapology, and many more. These places will provide you immersive real-life games in the heart of downtown. Your team of players will have a blast solving puzzles in interactive rooms, each with its own story and goals. These adventures will challenge your wits, imagination, and communication in fun environments. If you solved all the tasks in 60 minutes or less, you’ll successfully complete your game and earn bragging rights to all of your friends.

Location: 248 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1H3, Canada

Website: http://www.trapdoorlondon.ca/

10. Fanshawe Pioneer Village

This village is located in the Fanshawe Conservation area. It is basically an open-air museum kind of place. It utilizes authentic re-enactments to relay the history that preceded London’s founding. You can learn all the city roots from there while engaging with the current community. While wandering the beautiful buildings you can have some enjoyment from other events and extra activities,  as well as seasonal events. The staff there is very kind. Also, there’s a chance for you to learn a lot about history. It’s a perfect place to generate discussions with kids about historical life and show them examples in an accessible way. 

There are plenty of opportunities for photos of the houses, wildlife (mostly birds) and nature, farm animals, or portraits. The little cafe has just the right number of choices (soups, sandwiches, ice cream, etc.), and the food is always good. The gift shop has so many lovely and fun items in a range of very fair prices. It feels like being outside of the city, even though it’s not far at all.

Location: Enter at Conservation Area Front Gate 1424 Clarke Road, London, ON, 2609 Fanshawe Park Road East, London, ON N5X 4A1, Canada

Website: http://www.fanshawepioneervillage.ca/

11. London Hot Air Balloon Rides

This unforgettable high flying experience over London will be the ideal experience ever. The fun begins when you meet with your pilot, crew, and fellow passengers. Once the hot air balloon is inflated, you’ll jump into the basket and let the pilot and wind directly you. The balloon will gradually ascend above the treetops. Watch the world unfold below you as you float peacefully overhead. As you gently fly through the sky without the sensation of wind, it will feel like a dream. The only sound you’ll hear is the pilot opening the burner to fly even higher. As your flight nears its end, your hot air balloon will begin descending back down to earth, and you’ll celebrate your adventure with a champagne toast. I guess there’s no better way than this to see London, Ontario from the basket of a hot air balloon. You can take Limousine Service from London Ontario to Sundance Balloons.

Location: 48 Crampton Dr, Belmont, ON N0L 1B0, Canada

Website: https://www.sundanceballoons.com/

12. Enjoy a Round of Golf

London has the greatest areas for the highest golf courses per capita ratios in Ontario’s entire province. There is no shortage of fun when you’re visiting these areas from the private River Bend Golf Community to the London Hunt & Country Club. Other well-known courses include Echo Valley, Thames Valley, Sunningdale Golf & Country Club, West Haven, Crumlin Creek, Westminster Trails, Maple Ridge, and Greenhills. Wherever you choose to tee it up in London, there is certainly no shortage of course variety and stunning natural beauty. Let’s check out some of the best golf clubs in London, Ontario. 

Forest City National Golf Club: Forest City National Golf Club is London’s finest public golf course. Situated right alongside the picturesque Fanshawe Lake, Forest City offers an 18 hole championship golf course challenging and enjoyable. You will play through pine forests, around small ravines, all while taking in the panoramic vistas of the lake.

Location: 16540 Robins Hill Rd, London, ON N5V 5C3, Canada

Website: http://www.fcngolf.com/

Tarandowah Golf Club: Tarandowah is in London’s eastern part, less than a mile from the stunning Lake Whittaker Conservation Area. They offer a membership that grants access to Mount Elgin Golfers Club and weekly skins games, tournaments, and the club championships. Just know there is a limit of 120 members each year. Tarandowah is surrounded by rural beauty and tranquility, and prospective homeowners could seek Avon or Mt. Vernon’s similar areas.

Location: 15125 Putnam Rd, Springfield, ON N0L 2J0, Canada

Website: http://www.tarandowah.ca/

Thames Valley Golf Club: Located on the banks of the, okay, you guessed it, Thames Valley offers a spectacular golf experience, whether you’re in for a full 18 or taking in their renowned 9-hole Hickory Course. The clubhouse overlooking the 18th green and the Thames River is ideal for enjoying a post-round bite or pint. The club is a next-door neighbor to the lovely Oakridge Park neighborhood to the north, which hosts spacious, elegant homes built in the 1950s and 1960s on spacious lots.

Location: 850 Sunninghill Ave, London, ON N6H 3L9, Canada

Website: https://www.london.ca/residents/Recreation/Municipal-Golf/Pages/Thames-Valley-Golf-Course.aspx

13. TD Sunfest

TD Sunfest is an annual music festival that features a ton of national and international stars. The festival, which lasts for three straight days, has something to offer everyone. Previous performers include Aurora, Orlando Julius, Subhra Quartet, Ode, and Five Alarm Funk. Sunfest also has a wide variety of international food for patrons to enjoy, including fine cuisine from many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

The festival venue is Victoria Park and is typically held the weekend after Canada Day. During Sunfest, music from various cultures is performed on the park’s main bandstand and four other stages. The rest of the park is covered with craft vendors selling their goods. A vital part of the festival is the large number of food stands selling foods from different ethnic backgrounds. More than 275,000 in 2014, which means this festival is attractive enough to grab visitors’ attention.  

Location: 580 Clarence St, London, ON N6A 3G1, Canada

Website: http://www.sunfest.on.ca/

14. Massive Dog Festival, “Pawlooza.”

As the name suggests, Pawlooza is a massive dog festival that draws owners and canine companions from all over North America. Last year Pawlooza had over 25,000 participants and over 6,000 dogs. The festival includes training and grooming demonstrations, nutrition and safety information, and lengthy Questions and Answers with some of the country’s top vets.

What’s better than taking your dog dock diving, go swimming in the Pawlooza pond. You can also test your dog’s agility, run the lure course, go off-leash in the fun zone, play frisbee in the toss, catch zone, and many other exciting things for dogs. In their VIP lounge, you can shop from 175 vendors, get great deals by bidding on silent auction items, and load up on free samples. The authority has packed as much fun into one day as possible, so there isn’t a better place to spoil your dog than this.

Location: 9282 Elviage Dr, London, ON N6K 4N5, Canada

Website: http://pawlooza.com/

15. Storybook Garden

If you are up for some fun and frolicking, whisk your family away to this magical place in London, Ontario. As its name suggests, Storybook Gardens is a storybook themed outdoor park opened to the public in 1958. The front entrance is a castle. Inside you can purchase your tickets or passes to the park, and you will find a little gift shop inside as well. It also presents families with a great photo opp to help preserve memories of your day out—the rides including a Ferris Wheel, Swings, Elephants, and a Slide.   

Though, outside the park are a carousel and Springbank express train, which had no height restrictions. The park is Storybook-themed, and you will find characters around the park, like this super cute Wind in the Willows installment. There are six amusement rides, several games, beautiful gardens, and an outdoor stage where you can dance till you drop. 

Location: 1958 Storybook Ln, London, ON N6K 4Y6, Canada

Website: http://www.storybook.london.ca/

16. Eldon House   

Eldon House is London’s oldest residence and contains family heirlooms, furnishings, and the Harris Family’s priceless treasures. Eldon House is named as one of the historic sites in downtown London. It came into being as a museum in 1960 when donated to London. Before converting it to a museum, it was a home Harris family till four generations and is an excellent example of Georgian and Regency architectural styles. Its gardens are considered among the most beautiful in the city.

It is known for being the city’s first residence. The property is also known as Harris Park. As you enter through the front doors, you will be welcomed by an Eldon House Historical Interpreter who will answer your questions and help make your visit as convenient and comfortable as possible. The museum tours are self-guided with the opportunity to learn about the life and times and collections of the Harris Family from staff and panels throughout the historic home. 

Location: 481 Ridout St N, London, ON N6A 2P6, Canada

Website: http://www.storybook.london.ca/

17. Camping 

Just outside of London, there are two conservation areas in which folks can escape city life and camp between March and October. Have a look at the Dalewood Conservation Area with its 25 hectares of wetlands, 200 campsites, and 12 kilometers of trails. The other option would be the Lake Whittaker Conservation Area, with two beaches, a public boat launch, and canoe rentals accompanying 250 campsites. You can choose whether to gaze out at the sunrise or sunset over the fields where wild turkeys roam or into the lush, green, incredibly relaxing forest view. Either way, such places are perfect for unplugging, relaxing, clearing your mind, reading, meditating, and getting away from the noise of everyday life.

The surrounding forest is excellent for off-the-beaten-path hiking to immerse yourself in nature and greenery (forest bathing!). The areas are surrounded by quaint country roads, farms, and homes to explore. Within 20 minutes of the drive, Nearby are Stratford and St. Marys, both lovely towns with lots of beauty and culture to offer. 

Location: 10518 Dalewood Rd, St Thomas, ON N5P 3T3, Canada

18. Head to the Races

Just a few minutes west of London is the Delaware Speedway, which happens to be one of Canada’s oldest continuously operating tracks. The speedway opened in 1952, and since then has hosted numerous races.

Delaware Speedway races every Friday night between April and September. It is also home to a museum that displays original posters, programs, and photos of races that have been held here.

Today, the track hosts seven different divisions of races, as well as Bone Stock Chaos Cars. It has also hosted significant races, including the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, the ARCA Series, the CASCAR Super Series, and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

Location: 1640 Gideon Dr, Delaware, ON N0L 1E0, Canada

19. Head to Beach

There is no beach in London itself, but there are around 40 kilometers south of the city in Port Stanley. This harbor community sits along the north shore of Lake Erie and is a great place to spend a sunny day. Port Stanley is home to two large sandy beaches, both of which have been given a ‘Blue Beach’ designation. Restaurants are lining the beach, as well as accommodations for those that want to spend the night.

The village is also home to numerous shops and marinas and the lifting bridge across Kettle Creek. There are some lovely historic homes throughout Port Stanley, so it is worthwhile to explore a little bit.

20. Niagara falls Limo Tour from London Ontario

niagara falls
Niagara falls

Niagara Falls Limo Tour from London Ontario will make your trip to the Niagara Wine Region a day to remember.  All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the

delicious wines, fruits, and cheeses the region has to offer. Niagara Falls Limo Tour from London Ontario provides you with the flexibility, relaxation, and luxury that is impossible in other vehicles. 

These limousines come equipped with comfortable leather seating, beverage centers, high capacity air conditioning, and large tinted windows to enjoy the scenery along the way. 


What is there to do in London, Ontario today?

There are many attractions in London, Ontario that will answer this question. You can go to Spring bank park to explore the beauty of nature. Also, you can visit a church to reveal your inner peace.

Is London, Ontario worth visiting?

Mainly people ask over is its significance to survive in Canada? Well, if you are searching for a secured place and someplace where the physical conditions, as well as the economic system, are continuously increasing, then the reply is why not? This is the place for you. The state has completed it trouble-free for approximately every person to survive there.
Regardless of it is to learn or employment, the chances are never-ending in Canada. There is an abundance of pros and cons of living in Canada. Listed below you can come across all of the pros and cons in point and why this state is so humid and friendly to every immigrant.
Pros of living in Canada:

  • There is a plethora of healthcare choices
    There is a plethora of teaching chances
  • Crime ranks are inferior as compared to that of other states
  • The financial system is increasing tremendously fast
  • Hiring a place is in-expensive and secure
  • The state is to be found exactly next to the United States
  • Canadians are extremely warm and friendly people
  • The multiplicity of inhabitants in Canada that is residence to people from all over the globe

Cons of living in Canada:

  • Livelihood in Canada can as well be costly
  • The healthcare can have its drawbacks
  • Dealing with insensitive weather
  • Disputes with the migration method
How dangerous is London, Ontario?

London ranks 157th out of 237 communities on Canada’s Safest Places list, with a CSI of 83.74. Overall, London is a great place to live and visit. 


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