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Create lasting impression. Canada Limo is here to do that. We are a Luxury Limo service provider in Toronto, Canada. We cater to any occasions and provide transport service to any event big or small. Whether that’s a business trip, sight-seeing, party, wedding or point to point transport. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we ensure that you will have an exacellent service right from booking, pick up and drop off. It is an experience to be remembered. Our repeat customers can attest to our reliable services based on their testimonies and we have earned this utmost reputation across Canada. Our online presence makes it really simple for customers to know everything they want to know about us.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Canada Limo takes pride in the quality of transport services we provide for our customers.

  • A team of professionally trained chauffeurs
  • Corporate packages
  • Advanced booking system
  • Fair rates
  • A various fleet of luxury vehicles to choose from

Reserve your choice of a luxury limo vehicle or simply ask us to recommend a vehicle for your specific needs. We can assist you in planning your day efficiently. Our team ensures that we provide you with answers to all your questions and keep you satisfied with Canada Limo Service.

Our fleet consists of SUVs, Luxury Sedans, limousines, stretch hummer, coaches, party bus, Mercedes limo vans and more. Rest assured that our fleet is regularly maintained so you will always be travelling with comfort in our modern luxury vehicles. Find out more information about our fleet below.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Limo costs in Toronto vary based on factors like type, duration, and amenities. Prices can range from $75 to $300 per hour. For a reliable and reasonably priced option, consider booking with Canada Limo for flat rates and excellent service to the Toronto airport.

    To book a limo in Toronto:

    1. Start by researching reputable limousine services online or through recommendations.
    2. Contact your chosen provider, providing details like date, time, and pick-up location.
    3. Get a price quote and confirm the reservation with payment if required.

    For a reliable and top-notch experience, We recommend booking your limo to the Toronto airport through Canada Limo—they are known for their excellent service and reasonable flat rates.

    The hourly cost of a limo in Toronto varies based on factors such as the type of limo you choose (standard, stretch, SUV, etc.), the duration of service, and any additional amenities. Standard sedans may have lower hourly rates, while stretch limos or luxury SUVs with added features could be on the higher end. It’s essential to inquire about any potential extra charges, like gratuity or fuel fees. To get the most accurate pricing, reach out to our customer service and discuss your specific requirements.

    Yes, in Canada, you generally need a specific type of license to drive a limousine. The requirements may vary by province or territory, as each has its licensing regulations. In many cases, a standard driver’s license (Class 5) may be sufficient for driving a limo. Still, some provinces may require a commercial driver’s license (Class 4 or higher), especially if the limo is designed to carry a certain number of passengers.

    It’s crucial to check with the transportation authorities where you plan to operate the limousine to ensure compliance with their licensing regulations.

    In some regions, it may be legal to consume alcohol in a limousine as long as a hired chauffeur operates the vehicle. However, there are often restrictions, such as a minimum age requirement for passengers consuming alcohol.

    Additionally, individual limousine service providers may have policies regarding alcohol consumption in their vehicles, so it’s advisable to inquire with the limo company as well.