Wood-Rich Niagara Loft
Wood-Rich Niagara Loft

Are you wondering about visiting the great Niagara falls? You must be thinking about where to stay within your budget. Well, you don’t need to worry. This blog will provide you a list of the best Airbnb in Canada near Niagara Falls. You can reserve yours with a single click and, of course, at a low price. Stay with us till the end for complete information. 

Niagara Falls is joined by a group of three waterfalls at the southern end of Niagara Gorge, spanning the border between the province of Ontario in Canada and the state of New York in the United States. It has a combination of height and volume that makes Niagara Falls so breathtaking and impressive. 

Several Airbnb properties near Niagara Falls won’t disappoint you staying there. You can look over these properties; we are sure you’ll start packing your bags right away and take a trip to Niagara Falls.

Airbnb properties near Niagara Falls in Ontario

  • Pods in Boutique Hostel.

  • Sunrise Top-2.

  • Eugene.

  • Firework Loft.

  • Modern Hot Tub Oasis. 

  • Discount Budget Stay.

  • Wood-Rich Niagara Loft.

  • Modern Flat.

  • Movie Night Room.

  • One-Bedroom Apartment. 

We would recommend you book your travel dates as soon as possible if the places mentioned above suit you. Let’s explore these properties and understand why you should choose these Airbnb located near Niagara Falls and the amount you have to pay per night.  

1) Pods in Boutique Hostel

Pods in Boutique Hostel -Niagara Falls Hostel
Pods in Boutique Hostel -Niagara Falls Hostel

This Japanese inspired Boutique Pod hostel with a clean and straightforward design. It has custom bunk beds designed for comfort. Each bed has its charging point, lamp, and a backpack locker. The property has one bedroom with two bathrooms separate for men and women. 

Here you will get parking, coffee and tea, milk, cereal, WiFi, linen, uncooked rice, and yes, basic spices and oil. Providing all these things for free, the cost of staying at this place is just $12 per night. 

The property is located just less than 10 min drive to the Falls and Clifton Hill, with tons of restaurants, breakfast places, shopping outlets, highways within walking distance.

So what’s your thought about this one? You don’t need to shrink your bank account for staying near Niagara Falls.


2) Sunrise Top-2

Sunrise Top-2
Sunrise Top-2

Imagine staying at a brand new house that has turned into an Airbnb property. Staying at this property will feel like your own home. The room consists of one bedroom and one bathroom. 

The price for staying here is $12 per night. That’s the most affordable property in the Niagara region. The house has a dedicated workplace so that you can continue your work process while traveling in a comfy environment. The amenities include WiFi, smart TV with Netflix. Personal fridge, linen, towel, blanket, comfortable bed, and much more. Moreover, guests can cook their meals in the kitchen. 

So if you’re traveling alone and looking for the safest place where it feels like home, you should check out this property. 


3) The Eugene

The Eugene
The Eugene

Located only 5 kilometers from Niagara Falls and from mere walking distance from Tim Hortons, groceries, pubs, beer store, swimming, golf, fishing, this quaint apartment has a modern cottage look and feel, with ample private parking and patio.

The apartment consists of 1 bedroom and one bathroom. Also, it has a front yard; you can enjoy your evening coffee in a fresh environment. The apartment costs $33 per night. Their services include wifi, dedicated workspace, bathroom essentials, free street parking, kitchen, and cooking basics. You will find every essential thing as they have them all. 

So what’s your plan? Isn’t it great living in a place that is near to Niagara Falls?


4)  Firework Loft

Firework Loft
Firework Loft

The best thing about this property is that it can enjoy fireworks at a distance set from Niagara Falls at night without leaving the loft. This charming and bright open concept loft is located just one block away from the Casino and a 10-minute walk to Clifton Hills, where all the tourist attractions are located.

The apartment has one bedroom with a queen-sized bed, 1 Sofa bed, a fully equipped kitchen with basic cooking utensils, and electric machines. Moreover, it has a 4pc bathroom with hotel quality towels, hairdryers, and a clothing steamer.

The cost for this private loft with a private entrance is just $56 per night ( other amenities included).

What else you want, this loft is providing a view one can die for.


5)  Modern Hot Tub Oasis

Modern Hot Tub Oasis in Beautiful Niagara Falls
Modern Hot Tub Oasis in Beautiful Niagara Falls

Besides other services, this apartment offers you a hot tub. This is a one-room unit with its separate bathroom with a king-size bed. Also, they provide a twin cot if needed. The suite has an entire backyard. There is a table that overlooks the beautiful backyard with two chairs to enjoy your morning coffee, an induction burner, and a BBQ smoker. 

The cost of this suite is just $72 per night. Moreover, the amenities include an air conditioner, WiFi, pool, cooking essentials, hot tub, dedicated workspace, etc. They also offer two bicycles that are free to use, the hot tub and pool area for your private use.

What else do you want? Isn’t it great relaxing in a backyard oasis after a long day enjoying the close amenities of beautiful Niagara Falls?


6) Discount Budget Stay

Discount Budget Stay
Discount Budget Stay

This entire one-bedroom home is only 4 minutes drive away from Niagara Falls. This house has a capacity of up to 4 guests. Each bedroom has a brand new queen-sized bed, and there’s also a sofa bed in the living room that can be used as well. 

You can book this house for $39 per night. The amenities include all the bathroom essentials, kitchen essentials, TV, heating and cooling systems, fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, first aid kit, WiFi, etc. This place is within walking distance of the falls and aquarium.

In this critical condition, they make sure the safety of their guests by providing all the safety precautions. 


7) Wood-Rich Niagara Loft

Wood-Rich Niagara Loft
Wood-Rich Niagara Loft

This wooden made loft has all the facilities that one must need while traveling. It provides you with Slide open the cedar barn doors in this open-concept loft with walnut bar top and other wood accents. It has one bedroom and one bathroom with a floor-to-ceiling glass shower, complete with a large rain head.

With the cost of only $83 per night, you can get this loft with free parking, WiFi, Kitchen essentials, bathroom essentials, basic electric machines like a coffee maker, and many others. The loft is just a few steps away from Historic Queen Street, Clifton Hill, and casinos are just a very short drive.


8) Modern Flat

Modern Flat
Modern Flat

This brand new apartment right by the tourist area of Niagara Falls! This space is situated one block away from the Casino, a 10-minute walk to Clifton Hill, and a 15-minute walk to Niagara Falls. This apartment is suitable for two people as it consists of 1 bedroom, one bathroom, and a small kitchenette. 

This suite costs only $49 per night with all the basic services that other properties provide. The amenities include WiFi, heating and cooling systems, basic kitchen and bathroom essentials, dedicated workspace, etc. 

So, if you’re a binge-watcher of fireworks from Niagara Falls, make sure to stay here. The fireworks can be seen at a distance from the side window.


9) Movie Night Room

Movie Night Room
Movie Night Room

This apartment is very close to Niagara Falls and other main attractions. It consists of 1 bedroom and two bathrooms. The bedroom has a spacious and bright pillow top queen bed along with smart TV with cable and Netflix. High-speed WiFi is included as well. You can have your own private locked room with a separate entrance. 

This private room will cost you only $21 per night. Other amenities include comfortable heating and air conditioning, complimentary coffee and tea, free parking, and all the other essentials needed for a comfortable stay.

This perfect private room is located a short walk away from the great Niagara Falls. 


10) One Bedroom Apartment 

One Bedroom Apartment
One-Bedroom Apartment

This spacious and clean one bedroom apartment is located very close to the beautiful Niagara Falls. The sectional couch is huge and has four recliners. The bedroom has a comfy queen-sized bed with extra pillows and a blanket. There is a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom that includes all the basic essentials.

At the cost of $45 per night, this apartment can be yours with free wifi and Netflix. The apartment has central air. There is a laundry room off the kitchen that guests can use at no additional cost.


Final Thoughts

Thus, all the above-mentioned properties wouldn’t be as perfect as you want, but we assure you these Airbnb properties will turn your ordinary stays into the perfect ones. Niagara Falls is surrounded by three other falls, and all the above-mentioned properties are 5-10 minutes of drive away from the falls. 

If you are the kind of person who likes to have a cup of tea while looking at the views of various water bodies like lakes, rivers, etc. and make amazing memories, then we definitely recommend you to check out these properties and book a stay at any of them to make the memories that you will never be able to forget in a lifetime.


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