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Pearson Airport Limousine Pickup Procedure

Arriving at Toronto Pearson Airport from an International destination or from within Canada, let us take care of your ground transportation just as you arrive in Toronto. You can pre-book your ride with Canada Limo and travel to your destination hassle-free.

Just as you plan to visit Toronto and you are in need of Ground Transportation from Toronto Pearson Airport to any destination in Ontario, let us take care of CALL us at (647) 360-3001 to pre-book your Toronto Airport Limo. You have an option of booking your Limo online by filling our online reservation form or writing us an email at with your travel plan details. Our representative will assist you through simple procedures of booking a ride and book your Limo or luxury sedan, SUV service from Toronto Pearson Airport to your destination.

When You Arrive at Toronto Pearson Airport you just need to follow a simple pickup procedure to get to your prearranged Limo service booked with Canada Limo Services.



Pearson Airport Limousine

If you’re going through Pearson Toronto Airport, Our company Canada Limo is a comfortable, luxurious, and stylish way to travel. Get airport transportation to hotels in Canada. We provide service which eases your comfort. Our online reservation system for Airport Transfer Service makes getting to or from the airport more comfortable than ever before.

You expect excellent limousine service, and you expect your driver to arrive on time for pick up and drop off on scheduled time. You need any help with your baggage, no issue! Do you need to make an extra stop? We can surely accommodate it! These extras make Canada Limo your first option for Toronto Pearson Airport Limousine service. That’s is what you will receive when you hire Pearson Limousine Service for your airport limousine. We have helped businesses and residents across the GTA.

Our company provides the best Pearson airport limousine service with safety measures for corona (covid-19), Friendly, Consistent, on-time service, professional chauffeurs, Sleek and clean fleet. Our competitive rates and customer-focused options make traveling in style with Canada Limo most comfortable than ever! Our Services are available for any occasion, 365 days a year for Airport transport service.

Our highly experienced and skilled team consistently complete their duties to an exceptional standard and maintain excellent customer care.


If you are traveling to Toronto for pleasure or work, Don’t be worry! And simply hire the Private Car Service available from Canada Limo. It will help you enjoy a trouble-free journey all across Toronto. “With our Pearson Airport limousine services in place, visitors to Toronto shall no longer have to wait in queue for taxis or buses. We help our clients in enjoying a shorter waiting time.

Our limousine Airport transportation and Airport transfer services are available for both business and pleasure travelers. We make sure that all our customers get to their business meetings in style and at the perfect time. We offer exceptional quality luxury Corporate Car Services for the premier comfort and the elegance of our customers.”

Booking For Private Car Service, our dedicated driver will follow up on your flight information in real-time and respond in time according to flight changes. In addition to waiting for your arrival on time, our service also includes one hour of free waiting time when picking up the plane.

Our commercial vehicles can provide multi-person pick-up and drop-off service, and the body has luggage storage space. Choosing Canada Limo private car service means choosing a fashionable and trendy way of travel.


Our friendly and trusted chauffeurs and timely service mean peace of mind for our clients! Our chauffeurs are highly experienced and trained professionals who always consider your safety and pleasure the top priorities. Our Chauffeur service has been approved by the GTAA (Greater Toronto Airport Authority) to provide Pearson Airport Limousine.

Our Chauffeurs are continually improving and pursuing excellence every day. It is their inherent quality. Our chauffeurs are professional, trustworthy, and familiar with city roads. For these reasons and many more reasons, our Canada Limo Chauffeurs and airport concierges have attracted so much attention. What makes them so outstanding is not only their professional title but also their genuine care to bring you a pleasant ride. Of course, the best way to truly experience their enthusiasm for this cause is to book a chauffeur service for yourself, your colleagues, or customers.


We operate (24/7). If you want someone to drive you from one meeting to another or browse the shops in the city center, the hourly fee service of Canada Limo may be able to meet your requirements. Canada Limo Chauffeurs are available your professional Travel and by-the-hour. It is one of the best budget-friendly personalized services.

You can rely on your driver to provide you professional ride with the privacy you need to relax after a long flight or prepare for an important upcoming meeting. Most importantly, Canada Limo is not limited to airports. Canada Limo also provides limousine service in Toronto, which can be booked one way or by the hour. Need a fast and reliable drive from your hotel to the conference? No problem, your driver will be happy to take you there, waiting to be called while you visit. Our limo services to Pearson are available 24 Hrs a day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days of the Year.

You can easily Book your Limousine Service by a call on this phone number (647) 360-3001 or by filling out our online limousine Booking form. We will reply to all e-mails from submissions within 24 hrs.


Are you ready to start your exciting journey of city exploration?

Our World-class drivers will redouble their efforts for your trip. Booking our high-end Pearson Airport Limo Service, just your order, our excellent dedicated driver will take you to your destination safely and correctly. Our company provides a one-to-one VIP pick-up service, special transportation between Toronto airport and downtown.

When you stay in a foreign country and face an unfamiliar city route, why not book our thoughtful and exclusive driver service in advance to start your city exploration journey immediately?

Canada Limo has carefully selected the best drivers. Your travel requirements in Toronto can be taken care of by dedicated drivers. They all have legal qualifications, have received strict first aid and protection training, and have a professional attitude and fluent English. They will bring you the highest Standard service; our drivers are very familiar with the locals in their respective cities. The driver will try to answer any questions you have during the journey.

Suppose you are going to booking Canada Limo, Long distance limo service. In that case, Our dedicated driver will use a specially customized pick-up pass and wait for your arrival at the terminal on time.


Canada Limo provides one of the finest and experienced Chauffeur services. The Chauffeurs hired by Canada Limo have the highest professional standards, are legally qualified, have received strict first aid and protection training, have a professional attitude, and are fluent in English. As a local, the Chauffeur is very familiar with the city where you are. You can ask the Chauffeur any questions you have during the itinerary, and they will try to help you answer.

Toronto Airport Limo’s White-Collar Chauffeurs are lively, energetic, and friendly people in Canada, providing supreme Pearson airport limo service. Canada Limo has been one of the Best and reasonable Airport Limousine Service providers for several years. Our Chauffeurs are customer-friendly men serving to be the best at all times. The client’s expectations are satisfied with the finest Chauffeured driving experienced most facilitated Limousine.

Passengers experience a great traveling with our Pearson Airport Limousine Toronto. Whoever has gone a ride in our limousine always gives out positive and motivational feedback when they leave. You will get one of the finest journey experiences from Canada Limo. Even our clients tend to post a review on our official social websites. One of the top comments we got from our clients is here for your sight.


Travel in Style & Luxury with our Toronto Airport Transportation service!

Your pick-up service runs 24 hours a day, including door-to-door service and baggage handling by your professional driver. Please enter your arrival details during checkout. Ride in a comfortable air-conditioned luxury limousine.

Let Pearson Airport Limousine Service hold your transportation demands to/from the Toronto Pearson International airport. You choose your ride with Toronto Airport limo to enjoy an upgraded new style luxury limousine fleet. Our deferential and professional drivers will chauffeur you from your home or business place directly to your departure terminal, e.g., terminal no.1 or terminal no.3, in the comfort of our luxurious late model of limousines. We serve luxury airport transfer services in Mercedes, Cadillac, Stretch Limo, four-person, six-person, ten people, or even 14 person SUV Stretch Limousines!

We take extra care in maintaining our cars for peak performance. Our professional staff cleans the vehicles after each and every ride so that our clients can get a neat and fresh car environment as its LUXURY! When you book a Toronto airport limo with us. Pearson airport limousine service is exceptionally luxurious and high-end. Canada limo ensures to offer you a remarkable limousine to Pearson airport considering all your needs.


We provide service from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Oakville, Ontario, Canada. We provide reliable, barrier-free, direct, door-to-door, free high-end, comfortable, and luxurious private transportation services to your hotel or personal address in Canada. Pearson Airport Limousine Service focuses on creating and providing you with the most exquisite customized tours. You can worry when you arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport and book an Airport transfer service. You can easily enjoy the stress, sit back, and enjoy a private and affordable luxury limousine.

If you need multiple people (up to five people) to go to particular places such as weddings or parties, you can choose our commercial vehicles to arrive elegantly and comfortably.

If you’ve never thought about hiring a limousine to get to the Pearson airport Toronto or always assumed they would be too expensive, read on. They can be very cost-effective and practical. Canada Limo can perceive their customer’s situations. Check out our economical flat rate charges for limousine trips to Toronto airport limo.

Our services cover more than 300 cities around the world. No matter which continent your next journey is on, you are always welcome to choose our Airport limousine Toronto.

PICK UP Procedure: Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) Terminal 1. (Door A)

Clear Customs, pick up your checked in bags if any and walk through the arrival hall, just as you step out of the arrival hall and come out to the terminal’s public area you will see the doors with alphabets. You need to look for Door A. you will see a prearranged Limousine Counter at the Door A inside Arrival hall Walk to the counter and inform the commissioner (officer) that you are pre-booked with a Canada limo The officer will then page your driver informing him of your arrival at the door. Your Limo will be released from the compound and your Limo will arrive at Door A in about 4 minutes. If you have trouble finding the prearranged Limousine counter or you need any assistance upon arrival, please don’t hesitate to CALL us at (647) 360-3001 and we will assist you through the pickup procedure.

PICK UP Procedure: Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) Terminal 3. (Door A)

Clear Customs, pick up your checked in bags if any and walk through the arrival hall, just as you step out of the arrival hall and come out to the terminal’s public area you will see the doors with alphabets. You need to look for Door A. Now you need to head to POST 7

When you reached to Door A (POST 7) you will see a prearranged Limousine Counter at the Door A inside Arrival hall Walk to the counter and inform the commissioner (officer) that you are pre-booked with Canada limo The officer will then page your driver informing him your arrival at the door. Your Limo will be released from the compound and your Limo will arrive at Door A (POST 7) in about 4 minutes. If you have trouble finding the prearranged Limousine counter or you need any assistance upon arrival, please don’t hesitate to CALL us at (647) 360-3001 and we will assist you through the pickup procedure.

Meet and Greet Service: Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ)

We offer Meet and Greet Service at Toronto Pearson Airport. If you are arriving at Toronto Pearson Airport for the first time or you are booking on behalf of your guest or clients you can opt our meet and greet service. Our company representative (greeters) wait for the passengers with the Name Sign at the arrival doors at the main terminal arrival door. After greeting the passengers, they handle your luggage and walk you to your pre-arranged airport pick designated area.

Pearson Airport Limousine – Ride Confidently with Insured Professional Driver in Sanitized Premium Limo to Toronto Airport – Guaranteed Comfortable Ride

Canada Limo additional charges and fees:

    • 13% HST tax will be added to all charges
    • $15 extra for the prearranged Airport pickup fee (luxury sedan or Luxury SUV’s)
    • $24 extra for prearranged Airport pickup fee (Stretch Limousine)
    • $10 extra for each child seat (infant, Toddler, Booster)
    • $10 extra for en route stop for Luxury Sedan
    • $15 extra for en route stop for Luxury SUV and Van
    • $10 extra for every 15 minutes of waiting time (first 10 minutes free)
    • $20 extra for en route stop for Stretch Limousines
    • $45 extra for Meet & Greet Service
    • $Additional fee Apply for use of Toll Highway 407

$All prepaid reservations subject to 15% Driver Gratuity

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Toronto is referred to as “YYZ” because it is the international code for Toronto Pearson International Airport. Airports are assigned three-letter codes for identification, and these codes are used in flight schedules, baggage tags, and various other airline-related activities. The “YYZ” code specifically represents Toronto Pearson International Airport, one of the major airports serving the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. The use of three-letter codes is standardized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

    Toronto Pearson International Airport is located in Mississauga, 22.5 kilometers (14.0 mi) northwest of Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. While it is often associated with Toronto due to its proximity and serving as a primary international gateway to the region, the airport itself is situated in the neighboring city of Mississauga.

    Yes, Toronto Pearson International Airport has several limousine service providers available for travelers. These services can be booked for transportation to and from the airport, offering a comfortable and often luxurious travel experience. Travelers can arrange for limo services through various companies, and it’s advisable to book in advance to ensure availability. Additionally, limousine services by Canada Limo designated pick-up areas at the airport, making it convenient for passengers arriving at or departing from Toronto Pearson International Airport.

    To book a limo at Pearson International Airport, research and contact reputable providers, providing travel details for a quote. Confirm the reservation with payment if required and ensure you receive booking details. Booking in advance is recommended, and for a reliable and comfortable experience, consider Canada Limo as your choice for limo services at Pearson Airport.

    Yes, Uber is allowed at Pearson International Airport. Uber and other ride-sharing services are permitted to pick up and drop off passengers at designated areas within the airport premises. Travelers can use the Uber app to request a ride to or from Pearson Airport, providing a convenient and often cost-effective transportation option. It’s advisable to check for any updates or changes in airport policies, as regulations can evolve.