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Canada Limo Service Suspension Letter


To whom it may concern,

This letter is intended to inform our valuable customers regarding the suspension of our limousine service in Canada due to the pandemic Corona Virus outbreaks globally.

The Novel Corona Virus so far has reached above 100 countries and regions. To date, just the Antarctica region is safe, with zero cases reported so far. Still, the rest of the European and Asian regions are exceeding the number of victims to this deadly family of viruses day by day. With its deadly outbreak to infect so many people across China, Italy, Spain, and Canadian regions, this virus has left people frightened and even bound with social gatherings.

Reporting around 1000 deaths so far in Canada, many public service offering agencies have entirely shut down or suspended their services, considering its customers’ safety and employee’s assets. Specifically, the wedding halls, the cinemas, the food courts, public and private transports all of them are waiting to completely get over this deadly pandemic of Corona to resume the services again. The government is repeatedly requesting and advertising to avoid public and social gatherings to overcome this issue. Being more than a headache now, this virus has burst the economy of global scales. Many protective measures are taken by the government and civilians themself to minimize the adverse effect of Corona Viruses.

Considering the situation and our top priority to keep our customers and employee assets safe, Canada Limo has also suspended the service as per the government guidelines. Although previously, we have been facilitating customers as a complete Corona free limo car service in Canada, keep a strong check with our vehicle’s disinfection as Corona Free car service or disinfected private car services from Toronto to Pearson International airport. Claiming to be a Corona Free car service in Toronto, we have taken the following precautions to avoid any further virus spreading and keep our vehicles as Corona Free cars.

1. We have been using disinfection sprays to clean the vehicles with every single disinfected private car hire in Toronto.

2. Considering a strong check for our cars’ cleanliness and maintenance, we take a particular car with disinfecting cars and sprays to avoid any infected fingerprints in our vehicles.

3. Making sure our riders and chauffeurs are regular with wearing disinfecting masks and covering their mouths.

4. Making a Corona free car hire possible in Toronto, we made special notes with cleanliness regulation and measures such as washing hands, covering mouth while sneezing, avoid handshakes, avoid hugs, and keep at least 6 feet distance from one another.

5. Making sure as Toronto free virus car hires, we enhanced the excessive use of hand sanitizers by our Chauffeurs and customers with every ride experience.

6. As a disinfected private car service hires in Toronto, we regulated updates and precautionary measure feeds regularly in our Toronto Virus-free car hires Canada limousines.

We have been effectively following all the possible initiatives following the guidelines given by the government agencies and authorities. Approving our valuable and customer-oriented service as an entirely ethical source of transportation in the Canadian regions, we strictly abide by the government’s given instructions and policies. Our entire crew is determined to keep our customer’s safety and security sustained with whatever possible measures we can consider at Canada limo transfers.

Going with the pace, we first suspended our shared limo pools availed by most of our customers to promote social distancing. Like all the reputed and renowned limousine drive services where people share the drives to a common destination, we first suspended that. Considering the dilemma of customer’s disinfection, we made sure our cars are kept disinfected with all the precautionary measures, even with a group of people traveling with us at every ride. But with the high pace of Coronavirus spreading and lesser proximity of keeping disinfected private limo car hires, we have decided to shut down completely the private limo cars hire and rental services until we hear good news regarding complete virus dismissal in the region.

Regretting the inconvenience caused by Corona free car hire of our customers with Canada limo drives, we ensure a better and qualitative come back to entertain your luxurious and high-class transportation means with Canada limousines.

Advising to take better care of yourself and the people around you, please avoid social gatherings and places to help reduce the number of victims every day. Your life is precious; take good care of it!

Yours Sincerely,

Canada Limo


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