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As a newbie when you land at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, you eventually start wondering how you will be able to survive for the next few years. Whether you landed at the airport because of the connecting flight or you suffered from a delayed flight, don’t worry, we have got you all covered. Toronto Pearson is one of the primary airports within South Ontario, and it serves as a gateway for the beautiful Niagara Falls.




The Toronto Pearson International Airport is one of the major international airports located within Toronto, Ontario, Canada, i.e., 14.0 miles or 22.5km northwest of the city center of Toronto. When you first land at this international Airport, you’ll notice that it is one of the busiest international airports that handle millions of passengers each day with 75 operational airlines. The Toronto Pearson International Airport was known as Malton airport from 1939 to 1960. Still, during 1960 it was named the Toronto Pearson International Airport after the Federal Department of Transport bought the Airport. These days Toronto Pearson International Airport is owned by the Federal Department of Transport. The timings for Pearson international airport is that it is operational 24 hours a day.

In the next section, we have discussed the details regarding the two terminals, which are located at Pearson Airport. People usually assume that how to get from terminal 1 to terminal 3 when at the Pearson Airport so you can take Link Train, which is operational 24 hours a day after every 5-minute interval. If you are planning to visit Niagara Falls from Pearson Airport, then you don’t need to panic as it’s quite convenient, and you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of Niagara Falls without any hassle. Check out the transportation means to Niagara Falls in the later article.


The international Pearson airport features two terminals that are operational for passengers, including Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. These two terminals are interconnected with each other through the 24-hour light rail. Both the terminals have 106 gates altogether, which is operational for around 50 passenger airlines. It serves as a perfect hub for cargo airline FedEx Express and Air Canada airlines. It also serves as the hub for passenger airlines Sun wing Airlines and Air Transat. The Toronto Pearson International Airport is now operated under GTAA, i.e., Greater Toronto Airport Authority. Pearson Airport terminal features several airlines that are functional at terminals. There is a WestJet terminal Pearson, American airlines Toronto terminal, American airlines terminal Pearson, Delta Pearson terminal, air Transat Pearson terminal, united airlines terminal Pearson and many more!

The two terminals include the following:

Toronto Pearson Airport terminal 1 comprises of 58 gates which include D1, D3, D5, D7, D12, D20, D22, D24, D26, D28, D31 TO D45, D51, D53, D57, F60 to F63, F64A to F64B, F65, F66A-F66B, F/E67-F/E81 (F68 to F73), F78 to F81 which serves for both international as well as US flights. However, E74 to E77 is only specified for international flights, and other gates include F91 as well as F93. Two other gates, which include E73 and E75, are available for accommodating Airbus A380. When talking about Airbus A380, then Emirates is the only operational Airline that works for this kind of airplane at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Toronto pearson airport terminal 1 comprises three levels; the upper level, which is level 3, is specified only for departures and check-in, so if you have landed on Toronto Pearson International Airport, then you need to check-in on this level and get ready for the departure. Level 2 or middle level is specified for the Airport Express Buses and Arrivals. So if you have arrived at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, don’t worry, you are on level 2. You can take the Airport Express buses and reach your desired place. Level 1 or basement level is specified for public buses and other means of transportation. For further information, you can have a look at the pearson airport Terminal 1 map.

Toronto Pearson airport terminal 3 comprises 48 gates, which include A1 to A6, B1a to B1d, B2a to B2b, B3 to B5, B7 to B20, B22 and C24 to C41.

Terminal 3 toronto also comprises three levels which, include level three or upper level. Pearson arrivals terminal 3 also features the Sheraton hotel where you can stay and enjoy a comfortable experience. If you have delayed flights or you have connecting flights, then you can stay at this lavishing hotel and enjoy your stay at the Toronto Pearson International Airport terminal 3. Level 2 or the middle level is specified for the departures. In contrast, level 1 or lower level is designed for buses/ taxis/ rental cars and is specified for the arrivals in terminal 3 toronto. Pearson Terminal 3 parking is also available with highly competent and cost-friendly parking options for travelers. Have a look at the Pearson Airport terminal 3 maps to understand the complete look of the terminal.


Time range: 



Select the details mentioned above in the boxes, and you will know everything about the flight, its time range, and your destination. To get the latest information regarding the flights, look closely at the departures. Before you arrive at the YYZ departures, you can get here through a drive. You can take Uber, limo, taxi, or Lyft. You can also catch the UP express train within the city and catch public transport. There is the cheapest taxi to Pearson airport which allows you to enjoy cost-friendly rides. You can also book the airport limo Toronto, which allows you to enjoy a convenient ride with your family members or group travelers. The Pearson Airport limo flat rates are fantastic, so it’s highly recommended when you are going for Toronto Pearson departures.

Pearson Departure Terminal offers accessible changing rooms and toilets with wheelchair accessibility. For people with sight loss, they can use AIRA or Bling Square app, which helps in assistance. You can pre-arrange wheelchair and mobility assistance 48 hours before traveling with the airlines. For comfortable rides, to and from the gate, you can choose in-terminal shuttle services. Patients with autism can use the free app Magnus Cards. For pets, there are pet relief areas at both terminals. You can get instant mobile flight notifications on Android or iOS.  

For baggage service, baggage carts are free to use at the YYZ departures. You can find them all over Terminal 1 and Toronto Pearson airport terminal 3. The secure wrap is also available at the Toronto Pearson departures near different Aisles, where you can get your baggage wrapped within seconds. Once you check-in, drop your luggage at the airline check-in counter and check their timings for bag-drop. Before entering the security, you can eat, shop, and enjoy different services at the Pearson Departure terminal. After clearing the security, follow the signs for your specified gates on your boarding pass. Once you are done with the security, you can again enjoy the shopping and eating experience at Pearson international airport departures. Now get to the gate at least before 30 minutes so that you can safely board without any hassle. For international flights, you need to reach the airport before 2-3 hours of your flight departure so that you can check-in, clear security and search for the boarding gate. For domestic flights, you need to reach the Airport before 60-90 minutes so that you can check-in, get your boarding pass, and deposit the checked luggage. Pearson Airport terminal 1 departures and Pearson Airport Terminal 3 departures offer several services and amenities for the passengers traveling abroad or within Canada.


Time range: 



When you are traveling for the first time at the Pearson airport arrivals, you might wonder how early you need to arrive at the Pearson Airport for international or domestic flights. Don’t worry; there are several information desks and airline counters to answer all your queries. Select the Airline you are traveling with and landing at the YYZ airport arrivals for complete details. As soon as you arrive, you can enjoy free WiFi service at the Airport and have a look at the maps for terminal 1 and terminal 3. You can collect your bags or ask the porter. The airlines take the responsibility to deliver the checked bags over to the carousel. At yyc airport arrivals, you can enjoy eating or drinking your favorite meals. Shop some of your essentials and choose services like baggage carts, prayer areas or, international currency exchange shops that are located in different regions in Pearson arrivals terminal 3 and terminal 1.

If this is the first time that you have landed at the Toronto Pearson airport, then you must be excited to visit and enjoy the stunning Niagara Fall. Getting to or from the Pearson airport arrivals is not that difficult as it is connected with major highways and regional transit lines. For enjoying Niagara Falls after landing or going to the hotels or desired destination, you can choose the following options:

Book car rental services through Budget/ Avis, Thrifty/ Dollar, Hertz, Enterprise, and Alamo/ National, which are quite efficient and offer quick services present at the Airport. You can also choose limos or taxis as they quote flat rates. These are fast and straightforward options that allow you to travel throughout the city. You can also have pre-arranged services like limo, taxi, or bus before you arrived at Pearson Airport. You can also opt for the ride-sharing service if you are traveling alone and request for pick-up at any of the terminals. Public transport buses are also available, so choose the departure time and plan your trip. Hotel shuttles are also available for leaving the Airport and reach the hotels on time.

To get ready and explore the place, you must be wondering how long it will take to clear the customs at Toronto Pearson Airport. It takes around a few minutes if you are willing to speed up the clearance at ABC kiosks. You can use them if you have a Canadian Passport or a US citizen. These ABC kiosks are available at Toronto Pearson airport terminal 1. If you are arriving in terminal 3, then you can use the primary inspection kiosk for confirmation of your identity, and there you can submit a customs declaration form. Five travelers with the same residence can use this kiosk at once. You can also use the e-Declaration app for faster customs and immigration clearance if you are arriving at Terminal 3. You can check the yyc arrivals map for further details.

For retrieving the checked baggage at Pearson airport arrivals, you can check the status of bag arrivals by selecting the flight number. Luggage carts are available free of cost at the Airport in both terminals. There is Toronto Pearson airport lost and found where you can complain regarding any lost, delayed, or damaged baggage issue. You can also contact the airlines for immediate help.

To check the flight arrivals, just fill the above-marked boxes and get to know everything about flight arrivals, get instant mobile notifications, or contact airlines. You can switch on mobile notifications to get minute-to-minute updates regarding your flights. If you have chosen Air Canada or West Jet Airlines, then select the mobile notifications through their app. For other websites, you can contact the airlines to get further information. You can also have a look at the yyc arrivals map to avoid any hassle in order to find out the baggage retrieval counter, check-in counters, duty-free shops, and others. if you are willing to stay near the airport, you can choose hotels close to Pearson airport which are highly comfortable and convenient for travelers. If you are not willing to opt for airport food options, you can choose airport road restaurants which are tantalizing and quite affordable. Restaurants near Toronto airport Pearson are highly affordable and offer a wide range of fo cuisine. If the fuel in your car is low, don’t worry as there is a gas station near Pearson airport where you can get it filled. If you are willing to eat a spicy, juicy burger then visit McDonald near Pearson airport.


The map of Pearson Airport is as follows:


6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada

43, 6777176 / -79, 6248197

4:00 hours from UTC/GMT

———- Please add

———- Please add

  • Phone Number:+1 416-247-7678
  • Toll-Free Number:1-866-207-1690
  • TTY:(416) 776-3843
  • TTY Toll-Free Number:1-866-603-4495
  • Airport Codes:
  • IATA code:YYZ
  • ICAO code:CYYZ

It connects to Terminal 1, 3, and Viscount

This express is located at Terminal 1, Bloor GO Station, and Union Station Weston GO Station.

Taxis are available at this Toronto Pearson International Airport. These taxis or limos wait outside at both terminal 1, and terminal 3 at the baggage reclaim area. If you are at terminal 1, then you can get the taxis at door A and door F on level 2 or middle level.  If you have already arranged the cab/ limo in advance, then you need to go to door D.

If you are not willing to spend much on the transportation service and you are alone, then it’s better to opt for a local bus. Bus 7 goes to Westwood Mall and Mississauga. Bus 58A i.e., the Malton bus, goes to Lawrence Wes, Bus 192 i.e., Airport Rocket goes to Kipling, Bus 300/300A goes to Danforth and Bus 307/ night bus goes to Eglinton.  

The terminal tram i.e., LINK train, is also operational 24/7 for seven days a week. This train arrives every 4 to 8 minutes so don’t worry if you miss any train.

A clean and comfortable place for nursing mothers at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.  

If you are traveling with pets, then you can bring them at Pearson Airport and keep your pets at the pet relief area. These areas are available at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 i.e., pre and post-security. These relief areas are comfortable spaces for dogs and other pets.  

If you are wondering about the kid’s play area, then don’t worry as Toronto Pearson International Airport offers the children with four kids play area. The children can spend their time without being bored during connecting or delayed flights at the airport.  

If you are traveling with any older people then don’t panic as the Airport offers electric vehicles or wheelchair rentals for the people who are unable to walk for long distances. If you are also one of them you can surely contact passenger transport for the requirement.

The doctors are available four days a week. You can also do video conference and attain tele medicine services one at a time. It is located at Terminal 1, before security at level 2 gates.

This store is located at Terminal 1, where you can shop your essentials with convenience while waiting for friends or family members, and if you have arrived.  

There are information desks all over the terminals where the customer service representatives can help you out. 


There is a lot you can do to explore the mesmerizing Toronto Pearson Airport. You can indulge in a life-time experience while exploring the Toronto International Airport.

Toronto Pearson airport duty-free offers a marvelous shopping experience with amazing discounts for the passengers. Duty free shops Pearson include Relay, branded shops, grocery shops, phone accessories stores, and many more! RELAY is a complete shopping experience where you can choose reading materials, soft drinks, candies, snacks, tobacco, electronics, health items, and whatnot. RELAY is located at different points over the Pearson Airport. You can shop from various brands including Bobbi Brown, Bulgari, visit Discover Canada for souvenirs along with your travel essentials. Toronto Airport shops also include Duty-Free by Dufry, where well-known brands are available like Victoria Secret, Burberry, Coach, Gucci, and Michael Kors. You can also visit the Gucci store, INK, iStore, La Mer, Longines, Michael Kors, Mont Blanc, Omega, Rado, Salvatore Ferragamo, Swarovski, Tissot, Duty-Free Liquor Store by Dufry, Tom Ford, Toronto Duty-Free, and Tumi! You will surely have a stunning experience at Toronto Pearson airport duty free.


The food terminal includes food co-cessions throughout the Airport in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. The Pearson Airport restaurants in Terminal 1 with international departures offer Booster Juice and Tim Hortons. Pearson Terminal 1 food for Canada Departure passengers include Swiss Chalet and Tim Hortons. Terminal 3 for Canada Departures include Subway and Tim Hortons while terminal 3 Pearson food for international departures include Wendy’s, Tim Hortons, and Subway. You can also have McDonald’s near Pearson airport. There are various options when talking about Toronto Airport food, so you are good to go for multiple eatery options.

Restaurants near YYZ airport include several food chains like Bar 120 and others. You can enjoy perfect dine-in options and enjoy the Canadian Food experience in restaurants near Toronto Airport Pearson. The coffee shops near Pearson Airport are highly innovative and classy, offering an ideal coffee experience. The airport road restaurants provide a perfect range of fine-dining or family fast food chain options so you can choose from the variety.


Whether you are traveling in economy class or first class, you need to enter the airport lounges for which you need to pay at the entrance door. There are dozens of lounges at the Toronto Pearson International Airport where you can have showers, snacks, and watch television, enjoy meals, and many more! You need to purchase the lounge pass or choose a lounge membership program. Terminal 1 has Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, Plaza Premium lounge for international, US, and domestic departures at different locations in Terminal 1. Toronto airport lounges in terminal 3 include Air France KLM lounge, American Airlines Admirals Club, Plaza Premium lounge for local, international, and US departures. Many banks offer their credit cardholders access to Priority pass, which can be availed at various lounges worldwide. This priority pass Toronto allows you to access several lounges at the YYZ International airport, including the Plaza Premium lounge for all flights at both terminals and Air France KLM lounge. To further enjoy at the airport and indulge in a perfect experience you can use Toronto Pearson airport WiFi which is for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

American Airlines uses Terminal 3 for arrivals and departures at the YYZ Airport.

Most of the duty- free shops at the Pearson International Airport open between 3-5:00 am. However, the timings vary for different stores at the Airport.

Delta airlines make use of terminal 3 for arrivals and departures at the Pearson International Airport.

The terminal Link train is highly accessible, and it’s free of cost, which takes the passengers between terminals and Viscount Station. You can use this train to travel from terminal 1 to terminal 3 at Pearson Airport.

Yes, you can also walk from terminal 1 to terminal 3 while taking the world’s fastest-moving walkway, which dubs the ThyssenKrupp Express and takes you to terminal 3.

American airlines make use of Terminal 3 for arrivals and departures at Pearson airport.

It is open 24/7, 7 days a week.

United airlines terminal pearson is Terminal 1 for arrivals and departures.

It is located within terminal 1.

The Air Transat flights take off at Pearson Airport from terminal 3.

Air Canada fly’s out of Toronto in terminal 1.

Multiple flight delays are reported in Toronto Pearson Airport today because of rain and snowfall within the city. It has resulted in low visibility and slippery flight conditions. It is therefore advised to the flyers to check the flight status if you are opting for flights today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

It’s better to reach the airport before 2-3 hours for international flights.

It’s better to reach the Airport before 60-90 minutes for domestic flights.

The Airport is technically considered open for 24 hours, but if you have arrived overnight, the US customs will open at around 4:30 am.

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    The directions to Toronto Pearson airport are quite easy. You need to take Ontario 401 Express from Downtown Toronto. Now go to ON-409 West, which will end at the Airport. If you are coming from Niagara Falls or US border, now take Queen Elizabeth Way. This road then turns to ON 407 East, which is a toll road, now move to ON-403 East. It will lead you to the Airport.


    Choose the ground transportation options according to your desire:



    If you want to book your tickets in advance, then you can find the airlines which are operational at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Just search for the phone numbers and location of the terminals where the airlines are serving at the YYZ Airport. It helps to find out all about the airlines, whether you are planning for arrivals or departures.  


    If you are at the Pearson International airport to drop your family members or friends, or either you are a taxi driver, then if you want to leave the car for a more extended period, you don’t need to undergo any hassle. This international airport offers a massive array of parking options depending on your needs. Getting to and from the Pearson Airport is quite easy and convenient due to multiple options, and they offer several parking options including, daily parking, express parking, and a low-cost parking garage, which you can choose accordingly. Whether your flight leaves from Terminal 1 or Terminal 3, get near the airline check-in desk to avoid any hassle. Pearson airport check-in kiosks are available for self-service at Toronto Pearson departures. The Pearson airport check-in counters in Terminal 1 are present on the third floor in the middle of the terminal; however, for terminal 3, the check-in counter is located nearby “A” gates.


    If you have a delayed flight, you can book a room at the Sheraton hotel, which is located at the Airport. You can opt for Air Train, which takes you to Federal Circle Station. There it offers a free shuttle service to the passengers. You can then book comfortable hotels near Pearson Airport. You can choose ALT hotel Toronto Pearson, Four Points by Sheraton Toronto Airport, Comfort Inn Toronto, and Hampton Inn Suites by Hilton Toronto Airport along with other hotels close to the Pearson Airport. If you are driving on your own, there is a gas station near Pearson Airport so you can get it filled.


    If you are still wondering about the amenities offered at the Toronto Pearson International Airport, then don’t worry as the Airport provides the passengers with Toronto Pearson airport WiFi service. Toronto Pearson airport WiFi service allows you to enjoy your social media apps, browse your favorite dramas, TV shows, Movies, and whatnot. You can connect with your friends and family members in different countries or cities. You can complete your work at a distant place without even checking into the hotel. This Airport offers you free WiFi service, which means your work won’t be delayed and you can get in touch with your co-workers.