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4 Best Cycling Adventures in Ontario – Canada Limo

4 Best Cycling Adventures in Ontario – Canada Limo
Cycling Adventures in Ontario

4 Best Cycling Adventures in Ontario – Canada Limo

Car-free and car-lite? Cycling adventures may be for you! Explore the forests, lakes, towns, and cities of beautiful Ontario on your own road or hybrid bicycle. See more of what Ontario has to offer at a comfortable pace.

Ontario is one of the most popular locations for cycling adventures. There are many trails throughout this region that can accommodate cyclists with all levels of experience. Beginners will enjoy cycling through one of our provincial parks. With over 48 parks within Canada, there is bound to be an ideal spot for cycling adventures near you. Our province is also known as a hotspot for mountain biking trails and roads.

If you’re looking to find a challenge, you will find mountain biking trails and roads that can accommodate even the most advanced cyclists. Our foothills consist of many challenging trails that lead to some breathtaking views. And if you feel like taking a break from cycling through forests or alongside lakes, our cities such as Ottawa and Toronto are known as hotspots for both road and urban cycling.

Backroad Touring

Pedal through the Blue Mountains on a bike and you’ll be sure to find your perfect ride. Plan out which route fits best for how far you want to go, or just enjoy exploring around with different maps available at visitor centers along the way! The Pedaler’s Handbook was created by locals who wanted to share their knowledge about cycling in Ontario- from leisurely routes near streams and rivers all of Haliburton Highlands Trail Systems nestled within Manitoulin Island – there really isn’t an area without potential adventuresome cyclists can explore when they get off their bikes (which we highly recommend)!

Mountain Biking

Cycling Adventures in Ontario
Cycling Adventures in Ontario

The trails at Hardwood Ski and Bike in Oro-Medonte are diverse enough to introduce beginners as well as challenge the experts (these were used for the 2015 Pan Am Games). Shuniah Mines near Thunder Bay offers intermediate or advanced single track through the boreal forest while Buckwallow Cycling Centre provides 30 kilometers worth of twisty roads with stunning views!

Long Point Eco-Adventures has guided mountain bike excursions across over 50 km if not more terrain options within its borders – St Williams Conservation Reserve & Turkey point provincial park being two examples. If you’re looking for something less challenging try out one of our beginner-friendly loops like “The Trail Through Time” which features old-growth forests dappled by sunlight filtering down from wide-open spaces above.

Wine Country Roaming

Take a trip to Niagara’s wine region on one of our self-guided or guided tours from any one of these three companies: Steve Bauer Bike Tours, Zoom Leisure, and Bloomfield Bicycle Company. Rent your ride at the Bloomfield location for an unforgettable experience! Start off with their scenic bike tour which will take you through Ontario farms before ending up in Canada’s southernmost destination – Windsor Essex Pelee Vineyards where there are plenty of wineries open late so visitors can enjoy the island vibes all night long.

The perfect way to enjoy Canada’s southernmost wine destination, the Bloomfield Bicycle Company rents bikes and offers a scenic tour that ends at Pelee Island Winery for those who want more time in this picturesque area. Whether you rent your own ride or not, make sure you book reservations ahead of time because these offerings are popular!

Take a cycling tour in Canada’s stunning wine country! On the ” WindsorEat’s Wine Trail Rides,” rent your own bike from Bloomfield Bicycle Company and explore this picturesque area of Ontario. You can choose between three different tours: guided, self-guided, or with an accompanying guide that will show you everything there is to see during two hours worth of riding time while also providing commentary on local history at each stop along the way–perfect for those who enjoy learning about things like how growing grapes has contributed greatly towards making our world better by producing delicious wines such as Pinot Noir which originate exclusively from these shores; what makes Niagara so special when compared against other regions across Quebec?

Multi-day Adventuring

Humdinger Bicycle Tours and LIVOutside invite you to explore the heart of Ontario’s beloved ‘cottage country’ on a guided tour with pre-arranged accommodations, van support, and luggage transfers so all that is required from your end is some good ol’ fashioned cycling. Plan an epic self-guided adventure on one of our iconic multi-use trails like The Voyageur Trail stretching from Sudbury across Canada or Coast To Coast; A trip through some gorgeous landscape while getting fresh air!

If you’re looking to get away this summer, Humdinger Bicycle Tours and LIVoutside have the perfect adventure waiting for you. You can travel through Ontario on a guided tour with pre-arranged accommodations, van support services as well luggage transfers so all that is left is just enjoy your ride! Take one of our iconic multiuse trails like The Voyageur Trail from Sudbury to Thunder Bay or try one of their coast-to-coast options such as Canada’s portion of Trans Canadian Hiking Path which stretches across the country from Pacific POV White Pass Mt Revelstoke Banff Jasper etc…now THAT’S EPIC!!

Have you ever wanted to take a tour of cottage country? Humdinger Bicycle Tours and LIVOutside invite you on one of our guided adventures. With pre-arranged accommodations, van support, luggage transfers they will make sure all that is left for the guest are acres upon acres worth of memories! Plan your trip now; there’s no time like today because epic adventures await those who dare explore Canada by bike (and foot).

Enjoy the Best Cycling Adventures in Ontario

Cycling is a popular form of recreation and mode of transportation. Cycling fitness equipment such as stationary bicycles, tire pumps, and helmets is becoming more common around homes and gyms. Cycling can increase cardiovascular endurance or just be for fun. Cycling adventures in Ontario, such as the Trans Canada Trail, provide scenic routes for cyclists to enjoy their sport. The Trans Canada Trail spans 24000km (over 14800mi) across Canada and over ten provinces and provides cycling opportunities throughout the country. Cycling can help people to appreciate natural landscapes and historical areas by traveling through them on a bicycle instead of by car where you cannot experience the view from within your seat.

Cycling is simple, fun, and a great way to see the beautiful province of Ontario. Cycling around the city provides an opportunity to discover vibrant neighborhoods and meet people. Cycling to work reduces stress and improves fitness for those who commute. Cycling in Ontario creates opportunities for adventure and exercise while enjoying the comforts of your own vehicle or bicycle at your destination. Cycling Adventures in Ontario:

The River Valley Scenic Route The scenic route includes cycling adventures around Toronto as well as exciting destinations such as Niagara Falls. Cycling Toronto allows riders to experience areas such as Riverdale Park, Ashbridge’s Bay, and Kew Beach during their travels.

Canada Limo has catered to several cyclists over the years by providing transportation for them on Cycling Tours in Ontario. Our reliable chauffeur services have helped us gain popularity amongst both novice and experienced bikers who come from all parts.


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