At Canada limo, we understand the key elements, which are the priority of our customers. We offer stylish, luxurious, safe, secure, and reliable limousine service. When you plan airport transfers, corporate limousine service, or long distance limo, Canada limo should be the leading names. We offer the finest and executive limousine service to our clients to meet customer satisfaction. Canada limo provides limousine service, which is highly reliable and safe. Enjoy limo rides that are luxurious and fully equipped with essentials to meet the safety needs of clients. You can choose us for the top limousine service.


Luxury is the key element of our limousine services. High standards limousine is one of the primary attributes that we maintain strictly to gain the satisfaction of our customers. You can choose quality limousine service ranging from hotel limousine services, limo service to the airport, city ride limousine, and corporate limousine service. Other options include SUV limo, limo priv, VIP limousine, stretch limo, and Cadillac escalade limo. With our top limousine service, you can choose any of the limo rides in the sleekest and smoothest way. Choose any of the rides in the most comfortable and stylish vehicle. There is a vast range of different limousine options to spice up your trip. Choose a boss limousine, stretch limo, Cadillac limo, escalade limo, or anything of your choice. Don’t settle for something less!


Canada limo emphasizes professionalism and luxury at the same time. It is because of this reason that our chauffeurs are licensed and trained to satisfy the customers most efficiently. Our chauffeur service is remarkable. The trained staff is highly professional for clear and transparent communication in English with the customers. We strive hard to offer chauffeured limousine services to our clients and that too at cost-effective limo service prices. Choose airport transfers, corporate limousine service, and long distance limo or city ride limousine at Canada limo. You can also opt for local limousine service, airlift limo, SUV limo, limo priv, VIP limousine, boss limousine, stretch limo, or Cadillac Escalade limo. The chauffeurs at Canada limo will give you the best service. Our trained chauffeurs offer superb service to the clients from the beginning to the final destination. The chauffeurs undergo an extensive training period and certification process to ensure high quality. We prefer giving top limousine service experience to the clients.


Canada limo has a mission where it believes in focusing on the honesty and transparency of each of our guests. Our limousine services are focused on offering the clients the best yet flawless limo rides. We believe in giving service with complete security and trustworthiness to our customers. Our trained chauffeurs have nothing to hide as we believe in transparency. You can ask any questions and get answers to your queries without any hesitation. Have a look at our policies, certifications, or documents and enjoy executive limousine service.


For all the travelers who reach the destination, we know that you are super-anxious and tired after a long flight. It is due to this purpose that we offer highly convenient options for our respectable passengers. You can either call upon arrivals or pre-book airport pickup service by getting in touch with us at The chauffeur privé is sent by Canada limo which offers Pearson airport limo service, Toronto transport, ambassador limo, and airport shuttle service. Canada limo also offers celebrity limo, airport pickup, boss limousine, town car service, SUV limo, limousine rental, hotel limousine, Toronto airport transfers, private airport pick-ups, private transfer, and all the fantastic transfer services that too at the discounted, flat rates for our loved travelers.


Canada limo offers professional and flexible airport transfer service to the customers. We believe that after a long flight, our stressful minds and body need something stylish. Our different modes of transportation are luxurious and serve as an antidote. Having limo rentals with driver or airport limo transport ready at the arrivals feels soothing after a hectic flight. The chauffeurs responsible for airport transfers wait with personalized signs ensuring the best limousine services with our private limo service. At Canada limo, we offer quality limousine service without any hidden charges or luxury rates. The chauffeured limousine services provided by Canada limo believes in calculated fees for the limousine tours. Our primary focus is the honesty and transparency of our customers. Enjoy the best limousine service at cost-effective prices with convenient airport transfers and long-distance limo.


Canada limo offers the client’s city limousine services so that you can enjoy quality limousine service for local tours. Local limousine service by Canada limo is what you have been waiting for! It is the ultimate solution for all your limousine tours. We offer stylish, comfortable, and the best limousine service to the customers. Canada limo equips to provide various traveling styles along with different budgets for the public to enjoy city ride limousine. Choose limousine hire with experienced chauffeurs. Enjoy a perfect limo ride when cruising in groups, individually, or traveling with colleagues. We believe in offering a particular mode of services like corporate limousine service and long distance limo service. Canada limo provides the best limousine service to our clients so that we meet their demands.


From affordable to luxurious/ high-performance vehicles, we offer quality limousine service to the clients. We have a wide range of reliable and clean, stylish cars. The limo rides range from airlift limo, SUV limo, limo priv, VIP limousine, boss limousine, stretch limo, and Cadillac escalade limo. Choose any limo of your choice. Our luxurious and modern fleet offers exceptional comfort quality to our customers. The professionals at Canada limo regularly inspect limo rides to maintain a clean and stylish look. Canada limo provides high-quality service and believes in the satisfaction of the customers. You can surely trust us and get the best limousine service.


Our luxurious limousine service is highly trusted and reliable. You can always choose us for quality limousine service. Choose limo rentals with a driver, and we assure you that you won’t regret your decision. We offer prompt service to the clients. Our focus is on transportation prestige and professional chauffeured limousine service. We offer GPS tracked transportation with video cameras so that our passengers and drivers feel safe and secure. Ride in a stylish and luxurious limousine service. Just click on limousine hire and choose your ride. Our professionally trained chauffeurs can assist in the best possible way and offer you a hassle-free trip.


Plan a special guest arriving service in our top limousine services. You have come down to the right place as we cater to corporate limousine services with trained chauffeurs. At Canada limo, our chartered limo services guarantee that your exceptional guests arrive in style. We make sure that guests enjoy the utmost comfort and reach the final destination. You can utilize all our modes of transportation for special guests, so choose any executive limousine services. We can tailor all your needs and meet your requirements. You can choose us for superb comfort, style, and class as we maintain high standards and never disappoint you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The hourly rates of limousine service vary from the number of passengers, type of vehicle and luggage capacity. The range for hiring executive limousine service include $85-$150/ hr.

We all know that you must be wondering that it’s very challenging to book a limo. It is because several modes of transportation options and companies are available worldwide. However, you can choose Canada limo and look at these top things. Book a hotel limousine service, limo rentals with driver, limo service to the airport, city ride limousine or chauffeured limousine services. Look at the following things when choosing the top limousine service:

  • Check the age, condition of the limo so that it’s up to date. It allows you to enjoy a safe and reliable ride.
  • You can inspect the vehicle yourself and choose the stylish, clean and luxurious limo ride.
  • Choose the features that you desire in a limo and mention the additional details. You can choose the amenities, equipped bar, TV, a child seat or other essentials.
  • Check the registration and license of the chauffeur who will come to pick you up. You can book us in advance and keep your pickup time earlier. Then check the requirements and choose us if we meet all your needs.
  • You can have a small chat with the chauffeur and assess whether they are friendly, experienced and professional. However, we assure you that you’ll love the trained chauffeurs who have years of experience and are highly professional.
  • Have a look at the policies of the limousine service of riding in our vehicles before booking with us.  
  • You can check the referrals on our website to feel satisfied before booking with us.
  • Get everything in writing so that you don’t have to face any hassle when you arrive at the destination.
  • Check the payment options and get to know everything about the deposit, tips or any extra charges.
  • Check whether you need to tip the chauffeurs or is it included in the total bill.

Don’t worry; we have all the written policies and registration. You can surely choose us without any worries. Contact us now for further details if you have any queries.

In general, limos can carry around 8-18 people. But if you are talking about executive SUV limo, it fits around three people. However, the stretch SUV limo fits approximately 14 people.

The SUV limo is unique as it is one of the significant types of limo that can accommodate lots of people. You can use it for all events, airport transfers, limousine tours, corporate limousine service or long distance limo. Choose it for weddings, parties, proms or other special occasions. It is also commonly used when kids are travelling. You can enjoy watching movies, the lighting and sound system. The SUV limo is trendy, and it is incredibly luxurious with a spacious interior. It is perfect for an executive limousine service.

There are many programs which can help to check prices for the limo. You can check limo service prices on software like Samsara, Verizon connect reveal, AUTOsist, FleetLocate and others.

Canada Limo provides the best limousine service, offering luxurious and stylish transportation options for various occasions. Our limousine service includes airport transfers, catering to major airports, as well as rentals for special events like weddings, proms, and corporate functions. With a diverse fleet, including sedans, SUVs, and stretch limos, Canada Limo ensures a comfortable and elegant travel experience.

To book our Limousine Service for your specific needs, visit our website, select the Limousine Service option, enter details like date and location, choose your preferred limousine type, and confirm the reservation securely online. Alternatively, contact their customer service for personalized assistance in tailoring the service to meet your specific requirements.

Our Limousine Service is a versatile option suitable for weddings, proms, corporate events, airport transfers, personal celebrations, city tours, and VIP transportation. With a diverse fleet, including sedans, SUVs, and stretch limos, Canada Limo caters to various event needs, providing a luxurious and sophisticated transportation solution.

Yes! When booking with Canada Limo, you can choose from options like sedans, SUVs, and stretch limousines based on your preferences and group size. This flexibility ensures a comfortable and stylish transportation experience tailored to your needs. Check our website or contact customer service for the latest information on available limousine options.

Yes, our Limousine Service is available for both personal and business use. Whether you need luxurious transportation for special personal occasions like weddings, birthdays, or city tours or for business events such as corporate functions and executive travel, we cater to a wide range of needs.

Yes, Canada Limo allows you to customize the Limousine Service for a specific itinerary or travel plan. You can discuss your specific requirements with our customer service, including the number of stops, specific destinations, and any other personalized aspects of your journey. 

Canada Limo offers many amenities like entertainment systems, refreshments, and luxurious interiors, varying by limousine type. You can customize your service for specific itineraries, making it suitable for both personal and business use. For detailed amenity information, contact our customer service or inquire during the booking process.

Yes, our Limousine Service is available for airport transfers. To utilize our airport transfer service, you can book online or through customer service, specifying your flight details, pick-up location, and any preferences. A professional chauffeur will meet you at the designated location, assist with luggage, and ensure a comfortable and timely transfer to or from the airport. 

It’s advisable to book limo service as early as possible to secure availability, especially for events and peak travel times. Booking in advance ensures you have a better chance of securing your preferred limousine type and desired service. 

To inquire further about Limousine Service, you can contact us through our live chat or directly through the provided contact information, which includes phone numbers and email addresses. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you with any additional inquiries, customization options, or specific details about the Limousine Service tailored to your needs.

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    Canada limo is a quality limousine service where you can book chauffeur service. You can book airport transfers, long distance limo rides or corporate limousine service at your pickup point. We offer premium luxury limousine service in all parts of Canada and the USA. We strive hard to train our professional chauffeurs to pick up at your desired destination and drop-off at the final destination. You can book your choice of chauffeured limousine service. You can choose limo rides ranging from airlift limo, SUV limo, limo priv, VIP limousine, stretch limo, Cadillac Escalade limo, or limo tours. Once you arrive in a new city, our trained chauffeurs have a name sign for you waiting within the arrival hall. Chauffeurs will escort you towards the executive limousine services. Just check the limo service prices in advance. Mention all your flight details, destination, choice of a limo ride, and let us guide you after arriving at the destination.