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Muskoka Steamships and Discovery Centre

Muskoka Steamships and Discovery Centre

Muskoka Steamships and Discovery Centre

Ontario is home to North America’s oldest operating steamship, a unique part of the province’s heritage. The steamship was built in 1908, and it still sails the waters of Lake Ontario today. It is a symbol of the province, and people come from all over the world to see it. Discover the steamships, along with other amazing attractions in Muskoka, at Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Centre.

The RMS Segwun and the Wenonah II

Admire the iconic Muskoka landscapes from aboard the RMS Segwun, which dates back to 1887. The Steamships of Muskoka is one of the oldest publicly traded companies in Canada. This company has been around since 1926, and they have been sailing to and from Ontario’s beautiful cottage country for over 80 years. When people think about a steamship, they think about an old, wooden boat with no air conditioning and maybe long lines for food.

You can go on a great voyage on an old steamship that takes you all the way across the world. Steamships are still around because they are inexpensive, classy, safe, and smooth sailing. But new steamships use modern technology such as air conditioning, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, and other modern conveniences to take you from the place. This is a good spot for tours and private parties and celebrations. This is a larger boat that can hold many people at once. This is a good place to go on your boat.

Dine Aboard the Steamships

Steamships are a type of ship that goes from Canada’s Lake Ontario to the Canadian Great Lakes, as well as to the St Lawrence Seaway. Steamships usually take two to three days to get from Toronto to Muskoka. They have different amenities, including restaurants, lounges, bars, and hot tubs. The dining room on the RMS Segwun is where you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dining room provides a relaxing atmosphere with amazing food. On the Segwun, breakfast is served on a traditional buffet, and lunch and dinner are served in the dining room.

Experience Hands-On Learning for the Kids

You see, every single cruise ticket that you buy gives you access to the “Muskoka Discovery Centre”. According to Travel Smart Magazine, there are over 300 activities for kids on board. The Muskoka Discovery Centre is the perfect place for kids to have a great time while also learning, and that’s worth paying for.

Brush Up on Local History

The Discovery Centre is home to the largest collection of in water antique wooden boats. Time your visit for the annual antique boat show, and see many of these boats in action.

Enjoy a Special Exhibition

The Discovery Centre is a really good place to go if you’re interested in the history of Muskoka. There are tons of exhibits that teach you about the region and the local culture. It’s a lot of fun. The best thing about going is that you can learn all kinds of cool stuff from this museum.

View the Iconic Muskoka Landscapes 

Whether from the decks of steamships or the Muskoka wharf, don’t forget to admire the unique Canadian Shield geography.

Chauffuer Service to Muskoka Steamships

We provide Muskoka Steamships Limousine Service from all over Ontario. Our fleet includes large, luxury vehicles such as Lincoln Town Cars, Chevrolet Suburbans, and Cadillac Escalades. We are known for our service that is prompt, courteous, and clean.  We also make sure that our cars are maintained and that our chauffeurs have all the proper training. This means that you’ll be picked up by a properly licensed driver, who will have the proper training to drive you safely.


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