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Skylon Tower
Skylon Tower

Skylon Tower

The Niagara Falls Highlights

Who on earth doesn’t know about the world-famous Niagara Falls? The natural wonder and a mesmerizing beauty of waterfall containing different cities and giving a gaze of nature true beauty to its seekers. This amazing wall view is located in Ontario state on Canada connecting to the US by the Rainbow bridge. Named collectively as Niagara falls constitute the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls located in the USA and the Horse Shoe falls in Canada. Serving as an international border among two different countries of USA and Canada this place has significant importance for both of the countries.

The sky is the limit

Enriched with world-class luxuries and entertainment variants for the visitors coming over to Niagara Falls, this areas is obsessed with artistic and imaginative goods. The most famous Skylon Tower is the finest and most expensive restaurant in the Niagara Falls region. Being more than just a restaurant in the region, the Skylon tower is more of a zealous attraction in the locality. Located at the Canadian side of Niagara River the Skylon tower offers an amazing view to the famous American Falls, the Horse Shoe Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls located in the USA. The construction of this amazing building is done in a way that it extends the Niagara Fall heights with greater height and offers a great view for the entire region. So the sky is the limit to your view with Niagara Falls.

Uplift your Dinning experience to new heights with Skylon Restaurants

Enriched with amazing design and features the Skylon tower has the very unique yet situational revolving dining top restaurant. The Skylon tower restaurant offers 2 amazing height levels dining view of the amazing Skylon tower Niagara Falls. Exceeding 775 feet above the galls height the view simply can’t be expressed in words. It adds the ultimate beauty factor to one’s view and the coverage is exceptional. The two featured restaurant reservations include the revolving Skylon tower dining restaurant.

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People with elite status refers to relish out the amazing Niagara Falls view experience from the Skylon tower rotating restaurant that allows them to enjoy the view while having the finest dining experience of their choice. The rotations of the restaurant is made 360 degrees that offer the tourists to view the entire scenario view of the amazing Niagara Falls along with 2 other famous waterfalls joining different countries. The movement is made slightly that the seekers observe the different Vantage point every time and gets a complete view of the falls from all angles. According to the estimate, around 80,000 square kilometers are view able from the fantastic revolving restaurant.
There is another amazing option for the economical range of budget while having the dining experience with family in the world-famous Skylon tower. There is another dining option at the Skylon tower named Summit Suite Buffet that is meant for families affording economical ranges. This area also offers 775 feet above view of the Niagara Falls that allows the breathtaking view to the visitors coming over to visit this place from all over the world.
As a cherry to this heights view top, the Skylon tower also offers an indoor/outdoor observation decks for the viewers of the Niagara Falls. On the ride to top experience to this phenomenal view this tower has is all well managed and as per taste and budget requirements of the visitors. This observatory deck area allows the 360 degrees view of the entire Niagara Falls region and all three waterfalls collectively. Better for people who want to seek the heights experience and beautiful view without dining option is this luxurious buffets offering tower. Offering the yellow bug elevators that just takes 52 seconds to bring you at top of the phenomenal view of Niagara Falls the observatory deck is glass-enclosed area for the tourists and visitors. This view spans better in coverage with the view of Niagara Wine District, great George, and city skyline of New York, Buffalo and Toronto cities.
Moreover, the Skylon Tower activities are organized in order to fully facilitate the visitors. There is a movie show in 3D/4D as Niagara Falls legend show and exciting family fun centers that are a true enjoyment for people of all age groups. There are shows and King of the glass performance done several times a day specifically in summers to entertain the visitors coming over.

The Skylon Tower Parking

The Tower is centrally located in the many famous attractions offered around the amazing Niagara Falls region. Visitors can. Stay parked in our Skylon Tower parking area even if they want a visit to the amazing Skylon tower activities, the Victoria Secret Park or the Falls view. Our location is ideal for people travelling on personal transport to the Niagara Regions plus we offer economical parking rates to the visitors to fully facilitate them.

The Skylon Tower Highlights

  • The resolving dining room rotates 360 degrees for entire view in an hour.
  • With a revolving dining room and observatory deck visitors can view the bridal veil falls, the American falls and the Horse Shoe Falls.
  • Visibility from the observatory deck expands 80 miles on a clear day.
  • Above George, the height of the Skylon tower is 775 feet.

Canada Limo and Niagara Fall Tours

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